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I am very partial to the beauty and mythos of any expansion pack.  Whenever I level my main through an expansion I tend to actually read all of the quest text.  I will take time to watch all of the NPC speeches and cut scenes.   It makes me level a little bit slower but I get the full enjoyment of the expansion.  

With Mists of Pandaria the Lorewalkers faction was introduced.    If you take a quick look at their quartermaster as many tend to do to see what loot they can acquire, they really do not seem to have much.  A couple of useful trinkets for that bane of all existence Archaeology,  and a nice shiny mount called the Disc of the Flying Red Cloud.

Nothing to get all that excited about unless you like interesting lore,  and shiny new mounts.   There are multiple easy ways to obtain exalted with the Lorewalkers.   Multiple add-ons and guides on how to make it very quick and painless (between one and two hours depending on your travel speed and accuracy).   The main point is to complete stories from different parts of the main areas on Pandaria.  Some of the items are only found in the level 90 Valley of the Eternal Blossoms.  The Vale can be opened at level 87 but will not have any active quests until Level 90.   Some players reported being able to enter this area earlier via bouncing around the mountains as well.

After you get all of the items (many of them are around packs of mobs so you will have to run in and then run out quickly with your tail tucked between your legs),  you end up with items in your mail to turn into Loremaster quest giver .   Each turn adds a ton of reputation to your Loremaster credits and after turning all of them in,  you have Exalted and access to the Flying Disc.

As I was leveling my first toon I started picking up some of the different lore items as I was in areas.  If I saw one I would pick it up and read it and then move on.  You can always wait til level 90 with flying to make things much easier on yourself.

After reaching level 90 I added an add-on to my pack called Handynotes.  Along with handynotes is a companion add-on called Handynotes Lorewalkers which added site markers to where all of the items are found on the mini-map.   You can always use one of the multiple maps that are online to find the points manually (the gang at Wowinsider have an excellent guide).  I also used this questline to finish up my Pandarian Explorer achievement.

Either way not every quest is about loot or gold.  Sometimes it's just fun to run around and sniff the roses,  pet the trees and look under rocks and see what stories are there.  There is always room for making gold tomorrow.

No,  I did not name my flying cloud disc Nimbus.  His name is Cadillac because Gold Goblins always ride the best.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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