Old World Farming

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One of the most important parts of having a well oiled crafting machine is materials.   Many times it is easier to buy materials from the Auction House and craft items for a profit.

But as expansions start to grow older,   materials from those expansions become more and more rare.   After the surpluses of materials such as Netherweave cloth and illusion dust have been burnt through by crafters,  these items start to get a little bit more expensive.

As a gold goblin,   the words expensive can generally be turned into our favor.   Soloing dungeons in Burning Crusade or in Wrath of the Lich King areas are continuing to be profitable.   3-4 drops of green items for the non enchanter and cloth drops can add a hefty sum of profit.   Having a tailor available to make bags brings the profit margin even higher.

Most level 85+ toons can blow through Burning Crusade and Lich King dungeons without the need to slow down.   Classes with AOE attacks can make short work of these dungeons.   With the simplicity of group looting available looking large amounts of mobs takes a few seconds,  where before it took minutes to look for the sparkles on dead bodies.

So in your weekly search for materials,  plan a few old school runs for materials and get a jump start on your crafting profits.   And while your at it,   enjoy a few gloats of dominance over the bosses that gave you the biggest headaches.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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