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Mommar Here.

On tuesday there is a high probability (not a guarantee) that patch 5.1 will go live on the servers.   With this patch there is some new content added (including the before mentioned Brawlers Guild and a new group of quests to create a landing site for the horde in Krasarang Wilds.  If you want a preview of the daily quests and rewards that will become live with the new patch,  wowinsider has a very nice preview and listing for everything having to do with the new offensive here.

With every patch there generally is a quick change to the market.   New items that drop from new raids and content will need to get enchants and enhancements.  Players will want to add or subtract gems to their gear to obtain the best chances for survival.

For Gold Goblins this is also the last pre-patch time to prepare for the patch by buying materials to sell when the servers restart.  This patch does not have any big market items that are obvious to hold and sell for large profits.  Your base materials for all of the different crafters will be in demand at the start.   So make sure to take a few extra minutes before you go to bed tuesday to see if there are any quick deals in enchanting materials or raw Blacksmithing/Leatherworking materials.

But also remember that for now there is no complete guarantee the patch will go live tuesday morning.   Until the servers come back up for play or the powers that be acknowledge that it is patch day Gold Goblins should keep their business at an even keel.

Also don't forget that with any patch to keep your auction house based addons updated.   Before logging on checking with or can save you a lot of heartache at the start.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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  1. It is guaranteed. Blizzard announced it.

  2. It is guaranteed. Blizzard announced it.

  3. It is guaranteed. Blizzard announced it.

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