Pattern Farming With Your Jewelcrafter

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Every expansion has brought a different method of obtaining Jewelcrafting patterns for meta-gem cuts.  The last two expansions had players performing daily chores for tokens to purchase their patterns.

Mists of Pandaria revamped the system,  making a daily research project to obtain the rare blue cut patterns and a basic drop system for the meta diamonds.   This followed Blizzards goal of having to take a toon out for a spin in Pandaria instead of keeping them at their hometown to craft items.

The Primal Diamond is the crafting material that is used for the meta cuts.created from alchemist.   With the materials required to craft this already starts off being expensive (avg on many servers between 750-1000g in raw form).   With the patterns being drops,  the selling price for meta diamond cuts tend to be on the pricey side for now.   As the expansion matures this will probably change but primal diamond are still a good investment tool for Jewelcrafters.

With my personal cartel my Jewelcrafter is not my main.   Generally on the short list of leveling she ends up being about 3rd or 4th.   Some of my profession toons require to be leveled to get access to higher level patterns.  Tailoring and Leather working fall into this pattern to obtain epic sales and patterns.  

Jewelcrafting receives the benefit of the drop system and this can be taken advantage of.  There are many farming spots in Jade Forest that can be taken advantage of.  If your not wanting to level your Jewelcrafter currently but wanting access to this profitable patterns,  an hour of farming on both humanoid and mobs can net a couple of these patterns.  As always your mileage might vary when it comes to drops.

This isn't always the most optimum of ways of using a combination of obtaining patterns and leveling.  Many of the quests as you level through Jade Forest and beyond involve killing mobs.   Each of those kills that are looting present an opportunity for a new pattern.   So where the opportunity of semi mindless farming on mobs might appear easier,  it ends up slowing up the opportunity to both level and obtain patterns.

There is no real calculation of just what the drop rate is since it is a Jewelcrafting only loot item.  but 244-344 per drop isn't that far out of the ballpark using the numbers from Wowhead.   This is a lot of mobs to kill in repetition in one spot,  waiting for repops of the mobs.   A better tactic would be to continue to level through the content and do the occasional farming of humanoids and beasts when possible.   Instead of killing just 10 in a certain area,  killing 15 will add more chances for a Primal Diamond cut drop.

Selective opportunity farming combined with leveling will give you just the same amount of access to the patterns as well as put you in a higher leveling plateau.  Planning your time and methods will add more chances to obtain the patterns your looking for.

One thing with this combination of farming and leveling is to avoid instance queues.   Where the leveling becomes faster through instances,  the quick farming opportunities are not as plentiful.  Also your taking the chance that there is another Jewelcrafter in your group,  cutting your chances of obtaining that pattern in half. A one on one situation with rolling against the random loot generator for each kill puts you in a better spot if you are pattern hunting.

Keep this in mind when it is time to break out your Jewelcrafter.   Time is money and setting your time tables wisely will give you more opportunities for gold making.  Gold opportunities always make Goblins smile.

Good luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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