Pilgrim's Bounty, For The Educated

Mommar Here.

It is that time of the year that we should start being thankful.   Thankful that we have a game we can play,  and that there is gold to be made.

Well,  not quite exactly when it comes to the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday.    Blizzard has made this holiday very achievement heavy for players with very few physical rewards.  Players can get a new Holiday themed suit,  and a new turkey pet (sorry gang it's BOP so no selling it seems).   There are a few chances to be able to make some quick gold if you catch people at the right time.

One of the achievements is called The Turkinator.  This is one of those achievements that will come easy for some classes,  and other classes it will drive them batty.   The basic idea is to go to Elwynn Forest or Tirisfal Glades to kill turkeys all over the area.  You have to kill 40 turkeys killing them one at a time to keep the buff you receive up and running til you hit 40 (it will drop off in 10 seconds if you don't kill another turkey).

Most players found that this can be annoying if you end up with a lot of players in the area.   But one item the Tracker Snacks gave non hunters a huge advantage to finish this achievement.   Now that many players have this achievement under wraps it isn't as large of a market as it had been previously.  Still cooking and placing a few on the Auction House will net you some gold.  Especially for players who are just getting used to the market it is a good test without a large amount of investment.

For those that enjoy the pain of non food enhanced turkey combat.  There is a macro that the genius group on the boards came up with that will help with killing turkeys in no time.

/tar Wild Turkey
/run if not GetRaidTargetIndex("target") and not UnitIsDead("target") and UnitName("target") == "Wild Turkey" then if turkey == nil or turkey == 0 then turkey = 8 end SetRaidTarget("target", turkey); turkey = turkey -1 end;

If you have a busy server I usually suggest killing them either early in the morning or later in the evening.   The turkeys become easier to find and less farmed for holiday themed cooking items as the event continues.

Now for the juicy part (hee hee) of the event.   This is going to be a perfect time to take one of those alts that you have ignored their cooking and get it up to almost 400 cooking on the cheap.  

Here is how you perform this cooking miracle

Learn Cooking + spiced Bread (1s 10c)
  • Learn Cooking + Spiced Bread (1s 10c)
    Make 100 Spiced Bread (overkill, but easy to calculate with) (7s)
  • Buy the Bountyful Cookbook (1s)
  • Make 100 Spiced Bread Stuffing (Remember to learn Journeyman cooking between 50 and 75) (2s + 5s)
  • Make 100 pumpkin Pies (Remember to learn Expert Cooking between 125 and 150) (10s + 1g)
  • Make 100 Cranberry Chutney (Remember to learn Artisan Cooking between 200 and 225) (10s + 2g 50s)
  • Make 100 Candied Sweet Potatoes (Remember to learn Master Cooking between 275 and 300) (12s + 10g)
  • Make as many Slow Roasted Turkeys as you need to get to 350 Cooking, and then learn Grand Master cooking (35g)
Grand Total cost of getting to 350 cooking**: 47g 98s 10c* 

If you want to go higher,   you can start to kill turkeys in the above mentioned areas to craft Slow Roasted Turkey up to the 400+ mark.   Most of your investment in this is time and energy.   But the buffs from the turkey are very nice for long term usage.

(All credit goes to the Wowhead Forums,  give them some link love)

Icy-Veins have a walk-through for all of the achievements for Pilgrim's Bounty so if your a little behind on your achievement hunting they are the guide to hit to get things done quickly.

Don't let the holidays distract you from your normal gold making procedures.  You never know what opportunities might appear if you keep your ears open.   From soloing Sekketh Halls for the Terrokar Turkey Time achievement to get lower players a chance at the achievement.  To players dancing on mailboxes for gold tips.   Thinking outside the turkey box might net you a few extra gold this week.

Someone tell Blizzard central it's time for a turkey centric boss.   I would go for that for next year.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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