Prepping for the Future

Mommar here.

Hopefully you have been keeping up with your sources of information about the World of Warcraft game.  Many are reporting that patch 5.1 is just over the horizon.  New gear,   New quests and (ugh) new dailies to unlock new content.

Where noone really knows the release date,  it is generally accepted that when something hits the PTR then they are fine turning the patch.  So within a month is not a difficult belief that we will be downloading the new patch.

Any patch brings new opportunities for investment.   The investment time between the cataclysm expansion and the Mists of Pandaria expansion were not as booming as everyone hoped they would be.  The new crafting system took out a lot of spark in people's wallets.  On many servers there isn't as much action in leveling alts.   The money is out there,  but it isn't pouring over the walls as was to be expected.

With 5.1 there is once again another chance to get the burst in gold production that patches bring.   Higher level gear always means higher level enchants and enhancements.   Raw materials are in abundance on the Auction house,  to the point that undercutting has become rampant.   Keeping an eye on sale deals and storage can become profitable again for long term investments.

Looking at where your toons are right now and who gets first crack at the new content becomes just as important as what is placed on the Auction House.  The Brawlers Guild invite system, where I do not believe is going to be a good investment overall might provide some chances to get that ego stroke that we all can need.  Planning your costs will be just as important as how much gold you make that week.

As more details are released on 5.1,  look for those opportunities to be able to improve your sales.  Looking at what patterns will be in demand.  What enchantments and enhancements for new gear.  Having those materials in stock from the start will blow the competition out of the water in one masterstroke.

Research is not just book work.  It is required to stay on top of the Gold Goblin community.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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