Prioritizing Your Daily Quests

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Darkmoon Faire has arrived again.   The dailies that last for the next week added onto the other dailies available seem insurmountable.   Even doing your quickest route finishing two or three sets of dailies can tack on two or three hours of gameplay running around repeating the same kills.

If your like me you don't have the entire night to play wow every night.  Between work and  enjoying actual human companionship it just isn't high on my complete list to spend the next 5 hours every night finishing every day quest,  and raid,  and level another toon etc.

So this is where your planning and strategy becomes important for your long term goals.  Figuring out which of the dailies you need to obtain the recipes or trinkets you really want.   After arriving at those points then stopping and moving onto a new set.

I am a completist by nature,  so my main toon ends up being the one picking up the reputation from all of the different factions during expansions.  My other toons are mix and match depending on their professions and their needs.   Taking a few moments and looking at rewards will grant you that extra time you will need to be able to finish your other Warcraft related goals.

Your time is just as important as any gold making venture.  Keeping this in mind will maximize your profits and also your ability to enjoy World of Warcraft for the long term during this expansion.

The writers at have made a list of tips on how to make your dailies easier to finished.   Go over and take a look and give them some link love.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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