There is an old saying that goes an expert is someone who knows just a little bit more than you.   I've kept this journal for the most part as being a gold making journal.  When it comes to improving tanking and dps,  I know just enough to be dangerous and to do adequate in raids.

With that in mind I tend to keep my mouth shut inside of instances and raids unless it is impractical to keep quiet.  This ranges from players running around in circles to someone trying to tank with a fishing pole.  But there does seem to be a small percentage of players who feel the need to 'improve' everyone in a group.

Today's case was my last chance to obtain the Horseman's Helm last night during the Hallow's Eve event.   Tank was holding aggro just fine,  healing was up to snuff.  Dps was chugging along then all of a sudden someone decided to announce to the tank that 'stacking stam is so vanilla wow'.  

To most this isn't a big deal.   Even to me it isn't that important when it comes to my day to day Warcraft 'career'.  But it did spark a little bit of thought in my mind.  I have never understood the need to players to call out others in groups for what they perceive is wrong.   I have seen some screwed up gem configurations as I've played wow.  From DPS stacking Parry gems to tanks running on intellect gems.   All players that could take constructive advice,  even to the point of offering them replacement gems if I had some in my inventory.

But the idea of calling someone out in public and trying to embarrass them is beyond my though process.   Perhaps it's the idea that I'm comfortable with who I am.  Not needing to stomp over people metaphorically in an imaginary field of game play   I do not feel the need to yell,  scream,  stomp or curse someone out for a mistake they have made.   I am not graced with omniscience to know their story.  They might be having a bad day and made a mistake in gearing.  

The long and short of it is that it is not worth my personal view of myself, or my sense of honor to try to make someone feel bad about themselves.  The anonymous lifestyle of online games prevents most players from getting verbally smacked in real life.   So a player acting like a jackass gets away with it relatively scott from.   But at somepoint personal responsibility and even public retribution plays a part in how someone views others.

There are players on any realm that have reputations for being good people.  They give away enchants for free,  help players the right way with constructive advice.   There are others with the reputations that scream for them to be avoided.  Sooner or later actions catch up with players.   The World of Warcraft is not big enough to be completely anonymous.

So next time you decide the tank sucks,  take it to guild chat or better yet stuff it in your pocket.  If it is so bad that your seeing red,  leave the raid or dungeon and queue up again.   Your reputation will thank you in the end.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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