Shake Off The Bad Days

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One of the realities of selling items on World of Warcraft is that you will have bad days.  There will be days that your gold flow will be closer to a trickle.   These are the days that you could try to sell your soul and someone would ask for a refund.

Bad selling days should never get you frustrated.   What they should do is encourage you to figure out why they occur.   Is it due to holidays when no one is playing online?   A new game drew all the attention?   Perhaps even the idea that there is a nice juicy expensive item on the Black Market Auction House that has every ones attention.

The key to any business equation is to figure out where and when your sales occur.  Every bit of knowledge can lead to this,  and keep you from spending your time hunting for sales that won't occur at that time.

Certain questions you can ask yourself to figure out the schedule your server keeps,  and prepare you for the sales rush that occurs.

When is 'raiding time' for your major server guilds?
What time do people log in to look for items?
When do players 'go to bed' and leave the server barren?

There are plenty of other questions that can be asked to gauge the server sales flows and patterns.   Riding those patterns can increase your sales and keep the bad days at bay.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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