The Non Crafter Harmony Blues

Mommar here.

When I started writing on this little island found in the great sea of the internet,  I wanted to enable players to think outside the box.   My intentions were to make sure that Gold Goblins expanded their mind to the ability to not just have to be 'go here and farm this' type of gold makers.

But occasionally I see something that was obvious to me,  that a player is doing that makes my head spin just a little bit to say 'huh?'   As I was trucking along finishing up my Loremaster achievement for my shiny Nimbus disc I was chatting with a guild mate of mine.   They had asked me to craft some items for them to raise their ilvl.

As we were chatting I told them that I would need to farm a few Spirits of Harmony for the requirements.   They said that was fine,  but they threw those things away because they were not a crafter on that toon.

Somewhere a couple of kittens just clutched their little chest and flopped on the ground at the sound of those words.   They tossed those poor little Motes of Harmony away like they were worthless.  I wanted to find the ethereal trashcan these poor abandoned motes were at to try to save them.  

But seriously,  I explained to them that the best idea was to save these for later use.   There are two vendors (Danke at Shrine of the Two Moons and Krystel at Shrine of Seven Stars) sitting on their little perches ready to grab those hard earned Spirits of Harmony.  They have various BOE items included some crafting items that can be given to alternate crafters or save some gold for personal enhancement needs.

But the best bet to me is to stick those little gold mines into the bank and save them.   Sometime in a future patch the Spirits of Harmony  will probably be made Bind on Equip.  And those will be happy days of trading newly freed Spirits of Harmony on the open market.   It's a long investment of time instead of grabbing the short term benefits of trading for the items from the two vendors.

So as we continued our chat and I sucked back the tears,  poured some root beer out to my spirit homies,  I hoped that just a little information could save my guild mate from future torture and abandonment of poor defenseless Spirits of Harmony.

Just remember,  Save those spirits.  Little Kittens will be proud of you.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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