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When World of Warcraft was first introduced,  it took an extraordinary player to excel at gold making.   There were a few millionaires but for the most of the population there was a struggle to make gold.

In todays Warcraft a player is tripping over gold.   Blizzard developers have made it so that opportunities abound in making gold.   The question is not a matter of whether a player can make gold,  but can a player
get back to making exceptional amounts of gold.

Looking around the blogosphere there are many journals that come and go.   Some will start out with the same precepts to making gold.  Craft this,  farm this,  go here,  sell this.  All are viable methods and 85% of the known Warcraft universe who read these run out and will perform them.   The more that players perform the same action,  the more watered down in opportunity those gold methods become.

Spartans were trained in close order combat.   A solo soldier could defend himself and defeat most attackers/defenders in a one on one contest.  But against an army they would soon fall.   But as a unit,  the Spartan formation could defeat just about any army.   Even today many of the formations that were used for protection by the Spartan armies are used by modern day armies.

So what made the Spartans that much better than all other armies?   It was training and discipline and technique they had developed on their own.   As Warcraft gold goblins we have done the same thing.   Instead of just settling for the 85%,   we look at the 15% that is left over that can push our gold making above all others.

This isn't always easy.    Gold making is more of an art form than just a repetition.  There is a baseline of activities that will make players gold.   Performing dailies,   crafting regular gear and even the occasional speciality gear that is requested.   But looking at the extra 15% of possibilities that exist for gold making will make a gold goblin that much higher on the food chain.  Closer to their goals and able to shield themselves and the other members of their Gold making cartel.

So time to lace up your boots for the weekend,   get your sword sharpened and your wits ready to pounce on good opportunities in the upcoming week.   This may not be Sparta,  but we are gold warriors by nature.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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