Controlling Your Reputation

Mommar here.

There is a fine line in World of Warcraft between hero and villain with the community.   Many players revel in their ability to troll at a moments notice over subjects that incite 'flame wars'.   Jumping onto trade chat and starting up highly combustible topics.

The problem with this type of behavior is that ultimately it affects a players personal standing in the community.   They ultimately become a pariah among their peers.   And no one buys from the pariah if they do not have to.  The Ultimate punishment for a flame troll is to be ignored.   The ultimate punishment for a Gold Goblin who becomes a pariah to the community is to have one ore multiple strategies destroyed from non sales.

Before Mists of Pandaria it wasn't as difficult to survive something like this.   There was vast amounts of gold being slung around for items by players.  Many of them not even paying attention to who they were purchased from.   It was 'I want this item and I will pay for it'.   Players ran around with the knowledge that they could easily replace the gold with a few quests and a few sales of items.

With the changes in money with Mists of Pandaria,  players are a little tighter with their wallet.  They are less apt to go on a spending spree because replacement of gold is that much more difficult.   Understanding that there is gold out there for those that want it,  but it isn't dropping into players' pockets with the same amount of ease.

So keep in mind just what your reputation is with the community.   Where a good Chuck Norris joke never hurts anyone,  not everyone needs to hear your opinions on gay marriage or the President.  Unless gold isn't really that important to you anymore.  

So keep your reputation golden to the buyers.  It works out better for you in the long run.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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