Decking Out Your Farmer

The all great and mighty Mommar... okay who am I kidding.  It's just little old me.

As a expansion matures,  farming becomes as important as questing.   Setting aside the mission of Blizzard to make us all farm for reputation with a multitude of groups in the Warcraft world.  Material farming has become a secondary necessity.

Where many players use their main raiding characters for farming,  there is a group that has separate farming players for each type.   They are lined up based on their professions.   The alchemist is also their herbalist.  Their Scribe also runs around picking flowers.   The Blacksmith goes out and gets his own materials for his crafting as does their Leatherworker.

Then there are players like me that have set aside player that are strictly farmers.   One of my toons has the mining and Skinning skill.   The other has herbalism and a repeat of the skinning skill so that they are able to drop into areas and farm quickly.

The question is just how high of a level of weapons and armor is necessary to set these farmers on their way.   There is a certain amount of greens and blues that are obtained from strict leveling through content.   The occasional upgrade can make farming that much easier.  For the most part though,  most of the content that is farmed is 1-2 levels lower,  so higher level items aren't necessary.  When dealing with equal or even slightly higher level farming kills does having high level weapons and armor become that much more important.

Weapons tend to give the highest per item boost in stats,  where pants and chest pieces can add that much more punch to each hit.    Keeping in mind just how much is invested in these items,  determining how much it is to recoup the investment.

So keep in mind just how much punch your farmer is needing to continuing your farming.   That 10,000g sword might look good on your farmer,  but that is a lot of material gathering to repay yourself for the investment.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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