Plant PVP: Enigma Seed vs Songbell Seed

If you have been doing your dailies diligently in Half Hill you have been gaining those precious points of reputation with The Tillers faction.  Along with this gives you your own little piece of land to plant in.  Ultimately openly up 16 plots to plant seed to grow.

One of the strategies we talked about to maximize the potential of this land area is to plant the daily crop you receive from Father Yoon,  till the soil again and then plant Songbell Seed.   This gives you the opportunity to pick up a minimum of 4 Motes of Harmony and at maximum land availability a full Spirit of Harmony and 6 Motes of Harmony every day (16 Motes of Harmony total).

To increase profits,  especially for non crafters.  Players would exchange each Spirit of Harmony to either Danky or Krystel at their respective shrines for a Golden Lotus.   This was a viable income that guaranteed between 250-500g a day just to resell the Golden Lotus itself.   Alchemist could make more gold by crafting raiding flasks or potions of luck.  Jewelcrafters could use the item to get a new transmute timer towards a blue gem.

Enigma Seed was also available for planting as well,  but the drop rate of a random Golden Lotus was miserable for drop rates.  It was mostly abandoned as being non profitable and the Songbell Seed became the king of the planted crop.

All this changed with patch 5.1.  There was a sizable increase in the drop rate for Golden Lotus from the Engima Seed harvesting.   This changed the base idea (shall we coin this the Half Hill Shuffle?) of what to plant for the maximum profits for now.   Instead of planting Songbell Seeds and then converting them to Golden Lotus plants you would obtain a lot more gold from planting/harvesting the Engima Seed directly.

Now,   this is a nice set of options for quick gold.  But trying to be the top of the heap of the Gold Goblins means we have to think outside the box.   The one difficulty that people have when wanting items crafted is the inability to obtain Spirits of Harmony.   If you want an item crafted you must find a crafter willing to part with their Spirits of Harmony and negotiate a price.   This makes these crafting items expensive depending on the availability on servers.

At some point Spirits of Harmony will go from BOP to BOE.  It has occurred with every non raid crafting item at some point during the maturity of the server.  And that initial burst of demand when it occurs can dwarf much of the smaller profits that occur from a simple harvest/trade that occurs now.   So every 3 days (two days a week) I go ahead and plant a crop of Songbell Seed.  this gives me from my harvest  3 Spirits of Harmony and two Motes of Harmony.   I set those aside as a long term investment when they become BOE.     There is very little downside on this investment unless Blizzard decides to create a new crafting material.  Even then Spirits of Harmony will be useful all during the expansion.

All of this is assuming that you have purchased all of your patterns for your perspective crafter.  The amount of profit that is obtained from the Half Hill Shuffle (I'm liking that name more and more) ends up being dwarfed by a few sales of the patterns purchased by the Spirits of Harmony.  Even after you have obtained all of the profession patterns purchased by Spirits of Harmony,   saving the Spirits of Harmony for crafting of large ticket items can equal or rise above what is gained from the new shuffle.

So if your a non crafter,  this new Half Hill shuffle is a new viable way of obtaining gold through your farms at Half Hill.   For the non crafter your decision becomes more difficult because you have to base which strategy to follow based on your crafting ability,   demand on your server and your willing to be patient for larger profits against a quick,  easy profit amount.

Either way,   this can expand your gold making adventures,  making planting seed just like planting gold and waiting for the money tree to appear.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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