The Guild: Striking A Tone of Sales

Mommar here.

If you have read these articles for a bit you've heard my story of why I started learning how to make gold in wow.   The short of the story was that I wanted to be productive for my raiding guild and try to obtain patterns and gold to advance the group.

Selling to your guild mates is a tricky subject.   Some guilds charge for everything.  Guild members sell crafting items or potions.  Some mages will even sell access to their water and food creations.   Other guilds have a completely cooperative attitude when it comes to guilds services.  

With the guild ranks,  gold for the guild bank became much easier.   With rank 16 guilds receiving an automatic deposit into the guuild bank with each looting of a killed mob.  (Cash Flow Perk).   Before this a guild member had to directly deposit gold into the guild bank.   From this repairs could be deducted depending on what the guild master had allowed for guild members.

The idea is just how valuable is your guild when it comes to your gold making experience?    Many times guild banks are full of items that just sit there for a long time.  Gaining virtual dust that other players might find valuable.   Sitting down with your guild master and working out a deal to empty out some of the less useful items.   You even have the choice of working out on a commission basis or just buying the items outright.  

The one caveat with something like this is that you should want to stay in the good graces of your guild.  If you put on your gold goblin hat and put the squeeze on your guild for a few extra gold,  they will remember this when you need something.   An extra gold piece is not worth bad feelings between guild members.

This was one of the reasons for my personal gold making I decided not to sell to fellow members.  The only time that I broke this rule was when someone was taking advantage of the guild.   If I find items that I have a difficult time selling (some glyphs,   older gems etc) I would drop them into the guild bank.  Many times on purpose I would drop items that were in demand by guildmates for their own use.  Meta diamonds are always in demand.   This was during the Wrath expansion and I took a look at who had been taking items out of the guild bank.   I noticed that all of the raw meta diamonds I had placed in there had been removed.   Not a big deal since I figured they were being used to level.

I took a look at the auction house and noticed that all of my meta diamonds had been undercut.   Unfortunately it had been by the person who had removed them from the guild bank.  I talked to my guild master and they were confronted.   They said they were using it to recooperate the cost of the leveling of there jewelcrafting.   I had a problem with this since I had no intentions of suplementing someone's crafting with my production.  Ultimately they left the guild in a huff.

Another time I broke my rule for not selling to guild matest due to abuse by another player in the guild.  They had just recently been brought into the guild and were asking everyone for items to 'level'.   Being in a friendly guild many people were donating.   But even in the most friendly of guilds there comes a limit.  Going with my gut feeling on everything I started to sell at cost the items they were looking for.   Jumping onto another toon that the player didn't know not from the guild I told them I had heard 'rumors' they were selling items.   Getting them to tell how they were 'taking advantage' of their guild wasn't to difficult.   In this case instead of presenting my evidence to the guild I just talked to the people he was buying from and made sure that they were getting full value for their materials.   Once again the player left the guild shortly after.

Selling to your own guild can be tricky at best.  You have to measure both your motive and the motive of your fellow guildmates.  Keeping a healthy attitude between each other can be beneficial to both.  

Keep what you want in mind and whether the risks are truly worth the rewards.  Sometimes not selling is just as beneficial as a room full of gold.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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