Tis The Season

Tomorrow is the big day.  The big red fat guy shows up to give presents to all of the good gold goblin boys and girls.

But you also can be a Santa Claus yourself.    Many people will be receiving the Mists of Pandaria expansion as Christmas gifts.   With the discount that Blizzard and other online markets are offering for the entire Warcraft experience there will be brand new players into the game.

With brand new players arrives brand new possibilities for sales.  And opportunities to be Goblin ambassadors.  Keeping and eye on the Auction house for items to flip on the Auction house (blue items are especially good at being flipped for a quick profit.  As well as foodstuffs and potions) will give you a happy feeling in your Warcraft pocket book.

As you're sharing adding profit to your pocket book,  add a little spice in life.  If you see someone new struggling,  or having inferior equipment.   Throw them a new weapon that you can craft.   Give them the experience in Warcraft that not everyone is a scrooge.   You might just be adding to a great day for someone  in their first experience in Warcraft.

If you end up drinking a little too much egg nog for tonight.   There is always dancing on the mailboxes for tips in your hottest transmog wear.   I will be in Orgrimmar dancing the night away.

Have a safe and happy Christmas.


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  1. Brilliant blogg =) will come here and read some more... merry xmas

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