Four words to rock your head (enchants)

One of those blue posts from the magical being known as Ghostcrawler has changed both reputation grinding,  and also a new source of income for inscriptionists.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Post | Blue Tracker)

Head enchants are gone.

We decided that putting head enchants on the various faction vendors wasn't working well with our design intent for the factions. There is a lot of max-level quest content in MoP, much of it focused around the reputation with the new factions. I think it's really cool stuff -- worlds away from the old Argent Crusade scourge stone days. :)

In previous expansions, the head enchants on the faction vendors served to force players into that content. You couldn't even choose which reputation to pursue -- you had to pursue the one with your specific head enchant. Our design intent for MoP is to give players options in how to play, and the head enchant design wasn't compatible with that.

Once we decided to no longer offer new head enchants, we made the older ones non-functional or else players would feel like they had to go back to older content or be missing out on power. This way, helmets are just no longer enchantable and you'll have one less required step to get a piece of loot ready to wear.

Shoulder enchants can now be provided by scribes, so those still exist, but they are also not part of the faction reputation system

The idea of inscriptionists receiving access to sales of shoulder enchants will add to many a gold goblins coffers.    If you were one of the crafters that got into inscriptions late into cataclysm you found out it was a cutthroat market.  Some were able to make thousands in gold,  while other eeked out a little money every day.  Now with the PVP items that they will be able to craft,  the shoulder enchants as well as other trinkets that seem to be headed to that profession:  crafters should be able to make a healthy amount of gold as they make their way through Panderia.

As I've said before in a few of my tips,   it is  going to be very important to have your crafters around the 510-515 level before Mists begins it's expansion.    Having your crafting/gathering professions at 525 will also be beneficial.   If you missed the earlier tip about the Gnomish Army Knife,  buy one before the expansion opens.   They are guaranteed to be in demand from farmers and gathering levelers.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


trade channel boredom.. bring on the dailies

One of the biggest pet peeves I have with Warcraft are the players who will sit in one of the main cities,  bemoaning how "bored" they are.   After 5 plus years of playing Warcraft,  I usually can find something that I can do.  Some task that needs to get done.  Or even better,  some daily to run for gold and reputation.  If I ever get to the point that I am announcing my boredom,   it's time to go and read a book.  Or even write one :-)

Dailies quests in different areas have been an excellent way of earning gold,  especially at 85.   But the 25 daily quest cap could be troublesome if you were trying to grind multiple reputations.  This cap hits hard if your also doing profession dailies.   But with Mists,  that cap gets removed and you have unlimited dailies that you can do.   Want to ride a flying manta?  Go do the Sha'tari Skyguard dailies.  Don't forget about the Argent tournament dailies in Icecrown.  Doing the jousting dailies can add up to a lot of gold for buying the pets, and the pennants are interesting to carry around too.

There are at least 100+ dailies in the game that can be done,  all stacking both reputation and gold in your pocket.   Next time you see someone say "I'm bored".  tell them to go do a daily.  Or read a book.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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Previews of upcoming events

The longer that Mists of Panderia is in Beta,   the longer that speculation on what will be needed to amass gold when the expansion starts will continue.   Personally I've held back most of my lists simply because they change depending on how the beta turns out and the market flows.  

Do I have a master list of items to save?  I do,  and some of them are going to be oddball unless you look at the philosophy I use for my gold making.   And even with any list,  you need to pick and choose based on your professions available,  the gold available in your account,  and just how brave you are.

Just a few that are currently on my list.

Netherweave Cloth

If you can get this for 5g per stack your guaranteed money.  Netherweave bags will explode,  cloth stacks will explode.  Look for this to be easily 2 to 3 times your gold invested without breaking a sweat.

Inscription Inks.

With the changes in glyphs,  including some disappearing and new ones introduced with MOP,  you will be in the money to get cheap inks.  Also included in this will also be the herbs to craft these inks.  Middle tier inks such as Jadefire Ink will end up being in high demand for the new player as well as the established characters.


I'm looking heavily at leathers found in the Burning Crusade expansion.   Many players will be leveling through content and barely touch areas in the Burning Crusade,  and other than the farmers and investors these leathers such as Knothide Leather will be valuable if purchased at the right price.   I'm looking at between 10-15g per stack as a safety zone for investment.


This is going to be an interesting investment area.  You have two customers (alchemists and Inscriptionist),  and they will be wanting to get as many as they can.  Those that planned ahead will be prepared,  while you have others who are just getting started or leveling new toons that are plodding their way through buying/picking their own inventory.  Investments that are inexpensive (Staying away from the low end herbs) will get a nice return on investment.

Is all of this standard fair?   Mostly yes,  I'll be adding more as time goes.  Elementals are going to be a big time investment area simply for lack of supply and large demand for leveling.    My engineer is already banking on big profits not just for my Mechano-hog sales.   Even buying pets from the alliance side and moving them over to horde side for sales can rake in a nice goblin gold fortune.

Keep watching,  each profession will get it's own entry,  and it's own logic for investment.   

Good luck and Good Hunting

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Gold To Burn

I enjoy receiving email from readers.   Usually in involves asking me questions on what to do in their specific situation.   Is there any "secret tips" I can offer that will jump start their goblin skills.

With many of the conversations I have,  there does seem to be one similar ingredient into their difficulty.   The thinking that it requires gold to make gold.

Now,  Warcraft and MMO's have many similar ideals that we have in the real world.   Working gains money,  money can buy items we want.   The biggest difference is that I cannot go outside and look for a big yellow exclamation point over someone's head to get a quest.  Applications and interviews do still seem to be the normal approach to making money in the real world.

But in the World of Warcraft,  the key to making gold is to not just work hard,  but to work smart.   Retraining your mind into understanding that you can put 100 different auctions to sell,  but if noone wants them,  then they will not sale.  But you can add 10 items on the AH that are in great demand and make more money than you ever thought possible.

My biggest technique is to try to find the niche markets that few are in,  and to dominate that market.  My biggest money consistant money maker has been the leatherworking and blacksmithing PVP gear.   Two to three were in that market on the two servers I play on,  while almost 100's of people were posting up Gems.  I still post up Gems,  and the money is consistant.  But my PVP gear is still the number one slot that keeps me swimming in gold.

Each server is different,  and that's where a gold goblin has to change their mindset to look where to spend the gold to burn.  Even in the case where someone has only 1k gold,  one or two good flips of items can double that gold in a heartbeat.  

Having gold to burn is nice,  but it's the mindset of looking where to burn that gold to become a raging inferno,  adding more and more gold into your goblin loving pocket.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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I'm gonna tell you a secret

There is a big secret when it comes to playing the Auction House and making large amounts of gold.  It's a secret that you can keep to yourself,  or share with friends.   It's a secret that easily 95% of the players in World of Warcraft do not know.

The secret?  Making gold is not rocket science.

This is in no way to convince you that you can be a warcraft millionaire tomorrow.  Making gold does take time,  and even some effort.   But a PHD in WOW economics is not needed.  What is needed is one phrase that you need to drill into your goblin gold loving head.  When you flip on the computer,   log into your computer and your gaming screen and prepare to play.   One phrase will change how you make gold in warcraft.

Supply and Demand.

If you took basic economics in school or in college,  this was what was the basis of any market system.   People want something,   someone provides it at a price and they make money.  If noone demands it,  then it goes unsold and you move onto another item to sell.  

The wow auction blogging community will show you many ideas.   Items you can craft,  should craft,  should buy to resell.  But supply and demand is what will put gold in your goblin pocket.  Forget this idea and it will just as quickly remove gold from your pocket in lost auctions,  failed crafting projects and storing the wrong items.  

On another item,  seems that many people are complaining on the boards of having their accounts being hacked,  some are pointing to the authenticatiors  being the root of the problem.  The blues on cried foul on many of these rumors.   If you read their blue post here they have yet to have an incident reported with an authenticator secured account.   So the rumors of people removing their codes form their accounts are leaving an unsecured account.  With the release of Mists (thanks to the Gold Queen seeing that the latest beta is now a PTR build).   In short,  leave those authenticators on your accounts,  or let the player beware.   The scam and phishing artists will be in full force with the release of the new expansion pack.

Good luck and good hunting

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Appreciating the Warcraft Auction House After Playing Diablo 3

I've been playing a lot of Diablo 3 and not much WoW. It's a pretty fun game and works well with my crazy busy schedule the last few weeks because I can hop in, play for 20 minutes and have some fun. As you would expect I've been dabbling in the Auction House on Diablo 3 and it's made me miss the Warcraft AH's conveniences and power.

By far, the biggest hole (and we're talking a gaping chasm here) in the Diablo 3 auction house is the lack of addon support. The base auction house without addons is much better than Warcraft's base AH, but addons in WoW push it over the top, especially ones that help with posting. It's hard to adjust to life without Trade Skill Master, Auctionator and other little conveniences. If you aren't using these addons in Warcraft, you're missing out on some huge time- and effort-savers. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Number of Listings
It's not unusual for me to post hundreds of auctions at a time in Warcraft. Addons make it possible to do quickly, but the AH system allows me to do it. Diablo 3 limits your active auctions to 10 items. And once they're posted, you have 5 minutes to cancel them before you have to wait for them to expire manually. Because of the unlimited listings in Warcraft, you're able (and smart) to diversify your postings across lots of different categories. Diablo 3 has forced me to specialize a bit more or "price items to move" to avoid completely clogging my inventory. Are you taking advantage of the unlimited listings Warcraft provides? Are you diversifying your auction house business or still working in a single industry? What's keeping you from diversifying?

Auction Duration
In Warcraft, you've got options to post for 12, 24 or 48 hours. This gives you some flexibility in how long you'll keep an item available. Diablo 3 posts everything for 48 hours. Combined with the inability to cancel, if you make some bad choices on what to list or pricing, you're out of luck for 2 days. In Warcraft, you can post items with high-competition for 12-hour periods to cut down on your deposit fee losses. Items that don't have much competition or demand can be posted for a longer period of time so they're available when someone gets around to look for them. How do you use the different auction durations?

So have you been playing Diablo 3? What do you miss from the WoW Auction House in Diablo?

Life with no AH

If you have been reading my articles and ramblings here,  then you probably have put together that I have been splitting my playing time between Diablo 3 and Warcraft.    If you haven't caught on,  then I have been splitting my playtime between Diablo 3 and Warcraft. (Now your caught up).

Last night the Diablo 3 Auction house was disabled for commodities.   Not going into a large amount of details (if you want more info on Diablo 3 AH go talk to Markco here).   This downtime did make me wonder about a few things when it comes to the Warcraft Auction House.

What would players do when it comes to making gold if there was no auction house.   The auction house has not always been there.  And definitely it has not been as advanced as it is now.   So what would you do if you had no AH to play around.

Here is a quick list.

1.   Sell in trade/listen in trade

Still many times there are buyers and sellers in trade chat looking for specific items,  or linking to a crafting Profession.  got an epic wand of smackiness?  Nothing wrong with announcing that your crafting it for a set     amount of gold with the buyers materials.

2.   Archaeology

Yes it's slow,  yes it's tedious.  But your flying around anyway.  And some of those items can fetch a pretty   penny or two.   Where it won't make you swimming in gold,   it can pay the repair fees once you get high    enough.

3.   Quest/loot/

One of my favorite off AH ways of making gold.   Everytime I see an 85 begging for gold in orgrimmar the temptation to renounce them from the Horde strikes.   Level 85 quests are double the gold.  Some of the ones during cataclysm were putting 50-100g in my hands just for a little effort.   Bored?   grab an alt and cash in the easy way

4.    Random Dungeons/Heroics

This one is truly a no brainer.   You get gold each time you run a dungeon heroic.  You also get valor points for the first 7 runs a week (limit of 1000 per week).   After a week and a half of running,  you have enough to buy one of the bracers that people are continually asking for.   Advertise in trade chat and count your gold.   Justice points are also rewarded and you can sell the lower versions of the bracers as well in the same manner.

Thankfully we still have the warcraft auction house available to sell items and gain goblin gold dominance.  But you never know,  someday the AH might come to a screech halt for " maintenance ",  will you still have gold flowing or will it come to a stop?

Good luck and good hunting

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Yakity Yak

Every so often I like the idea of taking a break and presenting just why some things are too much fun
to not have wow gold for.

Imagine your walking in Pandaria,   having fought off multiple monsters,  gaining gold and dreaming of gold filled days.  Your game throat is parched,  and that little icon flashes on your screen telling you it's time to repair.   You can go to your local outpost,  get repaired and sell all your junk.   Zap back to where your hearth is set.   Or you can push one button and ride one of the most awe inspiring mounts of all time.

That's right gold goblins.  for the estimated price of 60,000g this multi-ton off road mount can be yours.   Similar to the Traveler's Tundra Mount it's going to have vendors (hopefully will updated items) and 2 seats that can be used to travel in style.  4 wheel drive hoofs are extra.

60,000g is a lot to most players.  But then remember that it's highly possible this will be carried over to all your toons with the new mount based account system.   The best idea is to see which one of your toons will get the best discount to buy it.  If all of the discounts apply (it's unknown yet since Mists is still in beta) it should come down in price to a mere 45,000g.   Chump change for this stunning vehicle (MP3 Player sold seperately).

This will be one of those must have items at least one person in a raid.  Jumping out of an instance and having everyone repair quickly and restock instead of having to wait til everyone teleports,   gets back and then the momentum is lost.   Plus you can put the heads of your enemies on the pointy horns.

Get your Yak mount soon.   Be the first to try to milk a yak.   But your on your own for that part.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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The Auction House Blues

The Auction house is the heart of the action for a gold goblin.  It's one of the most powerful areas we have to make money.  It also has become one of the most misunderstood.   

One of the reasons for this is the use of add-ons for most auction house tasks.   Please understand I am in no way against AH add-ons.  I use them everyday for common tasks and they are very useful,  and very powerful.  But the underline reasoning behind why they do these common tasks gets lost.

I dedicated some type playing Diablo 3 this weekend.  And the Auction house itself brought me back to the first time I approached the World of Warcraft Auction House.  At best it was confusing,  and at it's worse it was almost useless for the common player.   With experience and trial and error I learned some of the techniques that are shared now with you.  (as the saying goes,  I have taught you everything you know,  but I have yet to teach you everything I know).

One of the reasons it's important to understand how the base Auction house works on Warcraft is do to patches and new expansion packs.  Where many addons such as Trade Skill Master stay up to date.  Some addons such as Auctioneer may take weeks to update to a new patch.  Leaving many who have become dependent on it's usage out in the cold.   

So here is my suggestion to be ready for the next expansion.   Keep track of your "must have" addons,  especially the ones based on the auction house.  Keep them updated as much as possible,  even reading some of the notes to see if a beta version of the add-on is available.  If it appears that addon is no longer going to be supported,  it may be time to look for another add-on that will work similar to what you need.  

Another tip would be to turn off the add-ons you use for a day and get back into the idea of using the base auction house system.  While slowing down your gold making for that day,  it will prevent your goblin techniques to grind to a complete halt while waiting for an update to your favorite add-on.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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O Brother, where art thy professions

If you have been a reader of this journal from the days of Markco til now,  there have been a staple of suggestions to new and experienced gold goblins.   Largest of these being to have maximum profession scores as soon as possible.

But many times it skirts over why this idea becomes necessary.   With MOP just on the horizon,  it becomes that much more important to understand why a max profession is important for gaining gold.

First it gives you access to the best crafting items on the market.  The faster that you have the best recipes available and crafted,  the more profits become available.  Players,  especially with extra cash on hand, look for the best items they can purchase.   And many are willing to pay extravagant prices to obtain these glittery swords,  shields,  chest pieces etc.   Quicker crafting and placing on the Auction House will provide higher profits.   As more and more crafters reach these top levels,  and these items become more available,  the profits begin to dwindle.

Alchemist and tailors when at maximum level have transmutation items become available.   In Cataclysm,  Transmute: Truegold was a continual money maker for alchemist.   While tailoring with their Dreamcloth transmute became available at the 500 point level  Both were money makers during the entire length of cataclysm.

Another reason for maxxing out your professions is achievements.   MOP is introducing account wide achievements,  one of them being max professions with all the professions over the account.  So those with multiple professions can have an achievement that many won't be able to reproduce for an extended period of time.

Even your gathering professions are beneficial to max out.  Besides the ability to mine,  skin or pick herbs anywhere.  You also have benefits to your player themselves.   Mining adding more stamina,  herbalism giving you a self healing ability and skinning adding critical strike.   All three can be beneficial to any of the different Race/Class setups.

The first look at making gold is always going to be try to max your chosen professions as soon as possible.   This gives you access to the best recipes and best money making opportunities.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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Come back players... come back

Everyone who has played World of Warcraft for an extended period of time has gone through these times.   People going off to another game to play.  To enjoy the excitement of something new,  something "revolutionary".   State of the art graphics and gameplay.   

But never to worry faithful goblins,   even if things seem slow right now (and on some servers they are pretty slow),  many come back.   People have sunk in large amounts of time and effort to be good or the best at warcraft.  And games such as Diablo 3 do end up with a shelf life (not to say that it isn't fun to just go mindlessly blow up things.   Maybe Warcraft needs it's own cow level)?

But for the Goblin in you,  now is a good time to recheck all those plans you have set up for the introduction of Mists of Pandaria.   Farming will be easier in highly contested areas because the competition won't be there.   Even sneaking in a few achievements to bolster your gaming portfolio.

Have you double checked the Auction House.   It might be a great time to steal some hard to find items with people dumping product not being sure what it's worth?   Pulling together some quick runs to Black Temple to get some transmog gear?   Even farming low level instances solo to get gear to sell to leveling twinks.  

Right now 5 man heroics or raids might be more difficult to pull together.  But don't let that stop you from your goals and preparation for MOP.  Even if it's just sitting down with a piece of paper and sketching out exactly how many materials you need to collect and where to store them.   Preparation is your key to success in a goblin society.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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Measuring the AH of a "Wow Killer"

Diablo 3,   the latest "WOW killer" released on the 15th.   As with any new release,  server issues,  loading issues,  graphic issues and more issues than National Geographic have occurred.   Anyone who has been involved with a new game has this expectation.  Nothing ever goes completely smooth with the release of a new game.

As a gold goblin,  anytime I see a new "WOW killer" the first thing I look at is the Auction house system.  And how it compares to the World Of Warcraft system.   With Diablo 3 it was the Real Money Auction House (not implemented yet),  others introduced new vendors,  new crafting items etc.  But it always seemed to come down to how I could dominate that new system.

I was discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic mmo with a friend who had started playing the game during the beta.   Where he was excited about the characters and abilities,  it was obvious that at somepoint he would hit that wall of burnout that appears with many MMO's.   Doing the same things over and over again ad nauseum. At some point he would want to find something new to dominate.   Many turn towards PVP or achievements.  But like me,  he usually turns towards the AH on the game.  

The biggest question with the RMAH from Diablo 3 will be what will Blizzard learn from this to add to the franchise ship Warcraft.  Is there a chance that Warcraft will get it's own RMAH?     How would they balance the scales of new players,  giving them opportunities to gain real life money vs experienced players who have stockpiles of gold from the start.  

Then there is the secret MMO code named "Titan" that many gamers are waiting to hear announced from Blizzard.   What will it entail?   Will it truly be a WOW killer,  taking all the mistakes that happened with World of Warcraft and having it be at a running start from the beginning?

As Diablo 3 runs it's course and starts to age,  what will be the next "WOW Killer" and what rewards for the goblin auction house gurus will it bring?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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Diablo Gold Secrets by Tony Sanders is Predicted to Help Gamers to Make Big Real Life Money in Diablo 3

Dean Brown from Stanford University, an Economics Major in Virtual Economy discussing his predictions of the hyped up Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House and how to get an edge in the game with Diablo Gold Secrets.

Games have always offered money making opportunities for players, from days of World of Warcraft to Aion and Second Life… but with the launch of Diablo 3, there’s a new gold mine about to be unearthed.
Based on the basic principle of willing buyer and seller; and with an estimated 5-10 million players in the game, Diablo 3 will definitely have ample amounts of both, thus creating an environment and a huge potential of an exciting in-game economy.

For aspiring players intending to make the most amount of real life currency with Diablo 3, as with all economies, be it real or in-game, it takes money to make more money. And in this game, initially, the best way to make the quickest buck is to sell off in game currency, this being gold and getting real life currency in return.

In short, it’s going to be a gold rush. And as with any gold rush, those who get in early will be ahead of the pack.

Realistically, a full time gamer could easily earn up to $100 a day, amounting to about $3000 a month but this is actually a very conservative estimate. Items in similar games such as Eve Online have seen transactions in excess of $5,000 for a spaceship! With very rare items such as Legendary weapons and with an auction house in the game, there is just no saying just how high these items could be sold for.

For gamers who are keen on earning a sizable income using the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House, the higher level you’re at, the more gold you’ll be earning and the better items you’ll find. Therefore, it’s advisable to be at the highest level in the game as quick as possible (currently at level 60) to ensure that all the drops or finds which you get are significantly higher than the other players on lower levels.

Also, there are other “off-game” principles which can be used to gauge and monitor the auction houses which will allow players to maximize their earnings through auction trends, much like stock market brokers in real life as well as the application of the Pareto principle.

In 1906, Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of the land in Italy then was owned by 20% of the population. Later on, after observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas did he develop this principle, also known as the 80–20 rule or the law of the vital few. He states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Hence with Diablo 3, it’s going to be for certain that only 20% of players will be monopolizing 80% of the economy in the game… and 20% of this select group will have a further 80% of this share. This disparity works out to show that the top 4% of players will own more than half of the entire Diablo3 economy (a whopping 64% in fact!)

So the question now is, how do you work your way to be that select 4% of players? The only way is to be a leader, to be the one right in front of the game. That will only happen when you’re at the max level, earning the max amount of gold and getting the best items in the game.

Then there are other auctioneer principles which delve in studies involving human behavior, market fluctuations and the like which also will affect the auction house and making money from it.

Hence, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of being at the top of the game in the shortest amount of time. Going about playing on your own and learning from your mistakes is probably the worst way to go about it. By the time you’re familiar with the game play and at a decent level, there will already be plenty of players right around your level which doesn’t give you any leverage or advantage whatsoever.

The best way to go about this is to invest in a good Diablo 3 leveling guide which will really straighten out that learning curve so you’ll be leveling much quicker than the others. Then, look for a great Diablo 3 gold guide which will show you the best ways to sway the auction house to your advantage.

But with so many Diablo guides in the market, careful analysis must be carried out to ensure that you get only the best and most relevant guide there out there in the market and with Diablo Gold Secrets, you’ll get just that.

This is a great all-in-one Diablo 3 Gold and Leveling Guide which was written by Tony Sanders and is currently the benchmark for all Diablo guides with great in depth knowledge of the auction house as well as a step-by-step leveling guide for players of all levels. 

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MOP: The Auction House Goes Dark

The major gold sink has been announced for Mists of Panderia.   MMO-Champion broke the news that some of the vendors will have "black market" items to bid on.   With little information other than what is on the beta this will become an interesting idea as it starts to develop.

On this black market AH will be past discontinued mounts,  pets and other items.   Included in this is the Tier 3 armor sets that were removed when Naxxramas was moved from Easter Plaguelands in Azeroth to the barren wasteland of Dragonblight in Northrend.   These will most definitely be Bind on Pickup items.   The biggest question will be whether the pets and mounts on the Black Market AH will also be BOP.  If they become BOE it might end up being a big opportunity to resell.   Currently the market has it set at 12 hour auctions so bidding at night when there is less population could cause deals to become more readily available.   Parking an unused character at the Black market site and bidding occasional could reap a large amount of rewards.

One of the downsides of this blizzard idea will be that many of the armor sets and mounts that players have become proud of "earning" will be just as available for the right amount of gold.  Already on the boards there is squabbling about how it's unfair to those that had gained the Tier 3 armor set through dedication and hard work.   While others will be able to just drop a large (or even small) amount of stored gold to gain the same elite status in the eyes of some.

Will this diminish the investment quality of some of the hard to get items in the game?   Big questions of just how much this will go to evening out the gold playing field.   There is already an expected low value set on many items (10,000g for pets,  10,000g for armor,  20,000g for Mounts).   Looking at the list of some of the items you can see the current cost on the AH for many of these pets and there is an expectation that they will go unbidded on.   The Elwynn Lamb for example is easily obtainable on both the Horde and Alliance side for 4k to 6k.   So bidding 10k on one on the BMAH would be giving money away.   But mounts like the Ashes of Al'ar are beyond rare to see,  and will cost a large amount of gold to bid upon.

So this might be a stroke of genius by Blizzard developers,  or come back to just be another forgotten idea with MOP.   The new expansion will have an influx of players both returning and new.  Having little or no money to start,  and many not armed with the tools of making gold other than questing,  there will continue to be a divide between the haves and the have nots.

Hopefully those that read this journal want to continue to be part of the Haves.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here. You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.  

Gold: it makes a player better

When World of Warcraft began in 2001. Gold making wasn't on the map.  It was a niche idea that a few were able to begin with.   Auction house buying was young,  and most of the fortunes made in game were from dubious methods (buying of gold,  duplication of items etc).

But fast forwarding to today,  there are multiple journals and opinions on how to make gold.  From farming,  selling,  buying, crafting.  All viable ideas.  But with one purpose,  to make you into a Warcraft virtual millionaire.   

The plain truth is that making a large amount of gold in the game changes how you view playing.  Deal hunting and selling becomes a unofficial profession of it's own.  Now with the right amount of gold you can have just about anything you want in the game.   You can almost instantly have a raid equipped toon in under 5 minutes.  You can buy that awesome mount,  or even buy a run to get an awesome mount.   Want a cat,  jump to the AH and you can buy one of your very own.  

The benefits of having gold will change the game.  Also it will become a game until itself.   Getting bored with raiding and dungeons (and right now it's not that difficult to do).   The AH becomes a flexible opponent that you can never truly beat.   As the consortium forums say,  gold making is the ultimate in PVP.

As we continue with this journal.  Getting closer to the Mists of Pandaria invasion,  those that are making gold now will have a huge advantage over someone who is just starting out.  It is difficult,  near impossible to get a realm first in a crafting profession without having enough money saved up.  The first BOE mounts and getting the first combat pets require gold to purchase from the AH,  or the time to farm them up yourselves.

So what is the tip for today?   Be ready for tomorrow and the next day and the next day.   Making gold in the warcraft game changes your gaming life,  and it changes how people look at you.    And how you look at yourself

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here. You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.  

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