Archealogy: Digging up stuff for gold

Mommar here.

Patch 5.2 is going to be bringing some changes to our favorite red headed stepchild profession Archeology.   Leveling Archaeology became a little bit more interesting (a little bit) with the additional digsites per area and some of the trinkets.  

One of the changes that have been dug (get it dug hee hee) out of the testing realms is the addition of another type of fragment.  The Mantis history will finally begin to be discovered.   Where there isn't a lot of information involved,  I would look to see a lot of new history to the bug wars as well as some new toys and even a few new weapons to find and clean up.

Undoubtedly with the new mantis fragments there will be some high requirements to obtain.  I would expect that the majority of the fragments won't be available to anyone that hasn't reached at least 525 on their Archeology (same as minimum level for digging things up in Pandaria).  Also the odds are that since the Klaxxi Kingdom is found mostly in the Dread Wastes you should have at least the majority of quests done in the area to have access to the phased areas.

If you did any digging during Cataclysm you remember that some of the dig sites were obscured due to the unlocking of some events in Uldum.  So if you're like me and love the lore you should get a head start on having this area cleaned out of quests before the 5.2 Patch.

Get ready to grab your pick and hit some rocks.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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