BMAH Blues Return

Mommar here.

When the Black Market Auction House was introduced with Mists of Pandaria,  there were rumblings in the universe that it would even out the playing field between the gold haves and have nots.

Up til the introduction of Patch 5.1 it was a good tool implemented by the powers that be at Blizzard to remove tremendous amounts of gold from the economy.  Players were bidding thousands and thousands of gold on patterns and very rare mounts.   The plan to stabilize the economy was well on it's way to completion.

Then with Patch 5.1 a new little toy was introduced.   An invitation to an exclusive Brawlers guild.   Everyone loves to be the first in line for something exclusive.   So players bid ten thousand,   twenty thousand to have one of the rare....   well kinda rare.... maybe rare?   When you have 10 invites every 12 hours for bid plus the ability to farm them from different faction NPCS just how rare can they truly be?

But here is the problem that wasn't expected.    Before patch 5.1 there were three slots to fill each rotation on the BMAH.   One was generally a pet (mostly the argent dawn pets),  one was usually either a PVP gear item or a PVE Epic.   The last was generally filled by a BOP pattern.   This gave enough inclination for players to bid and continue to remove gold from the economy.  Now with 10 Blood Soaked Invitations for bid at any one time,   there seems to be only one slot available for bidding and on many servers it seems to be only that one pet few if any want.

I have been skeptic from the start at just how the BMAH would be taken by the gold goblin economy.   Most players who have worked with the economy understand that when you buy something from someone they in turn will buy something from someone else.   This keeps the gold flow coming,  eventually if things are done right coming back to your coffers.   The 'dead end' bidding of the BMAH wouldn't help the wow economy to flourish but would depress bidding on the BMAH.   Now that the majority of slots are filled with the invitations,  the BMAH is starting to become irrelevant to the economy.   There is still the chance that an epic pet or needed item will show up.  But I will not be surprised if a revamping of the BMAH is done in a future patch.   Or the goals of the BMAH will have to be changed.  

Either way, hopefully everyone got their invitations to the Brawlers Guild dance and recital.   I've got a banana peel with your name on it.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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  1. Got my brawlers guild invite from a friend and then spent 85k on another because it was the hot item and the first and last time ill use the bmah

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