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Mommar here.

There are times that ideas and suggestions I get are from the strategies I have used.  Other times they are from different media.   All of them I will use at one point or another.

As I was watching TV the other night one of my favorite shows to watch was on.   "American Pickers' is a show where two men who own a store go around the United States for what they refer to as 'Rusty Treasure'.    If you have ever seen the show you know they will buy odds and ends in the search for things they can flip to clients for a profit.

The other night's episode talked about suggestions one of the pickers gave to the other about how to increase his buying ability.   Many of his ideas works in negotiation with people willing to sell.   One of their ideas stood out in the idea of setting a quota with each stop on how many items they were looking to buy for resale.

Flipping items (buying items for a low price to resell at a higher price) is one of the bread and butter markets for Gold Goblins.   But with many players it becomes touch and go on just how many items and how much they are going to buy.   One day will be two items,  while others will be 20 items.   Their profits end up being dependent on the whims of who is selling items.

So taking a queue from the boys from Iowa in the show,  I looked to set a quota of exactly how many items I would be buy every day for resell.   Each server and each Gold Goblin will be different depending on their combination of skill,  gold reserves and overall health of the server economy.   But setting a reasonable goal each day will allow you to have much more control of your spending and selling habits than being dependent on the whims of the server economy itself.

This doesn't mean you cannot buy over your quota.   The goal is to obtain at least that amount of items at your set percentage of profit.  For flips I usually shoot for 50% for items 100 gold or less and 25% for items 100g or higher.   The higher the amount of the flip, the more I'm willing to accept a lower percentage of profit.

Keeping tabs on your buys and your profits will set you in the drivers seat of your income sports mobile.  Instead of in the trunk hoping someone will let you out for some air.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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