How Do You Effect The Market?

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The World of Warcraft economy can be viewed as a living, breathing system.   If you play on a low population server your economy can easily be viewed as being on life support.   Other servers that have a high population the economy can be running a marathon every day.

The question to always ask yourself is just how much do you effect the economy?   How much do you affect the everyday Warcraft lives of other players?   Are you a feared investor that can lead the charge.  Or are you completely ignored in the masses of players adding and subtracting from the economy.

Each time you act on a tip from this blog or the countless other journals found on the blogosphere,  you add a fraction of life to the economy.   Every fraction adds up to a whole number of intricate breathes and flows that keep the economy running smoothly.    The pack can grab an idea they read and head on full charge into  the strategy,  diluting the possibility of the suggested strategy from being fruitful.   So jumping on the train as quickly as possible and staying ahead of the charging bulls can make your work that much more productive.

So keep in mind that every time you buy something.  Every time that you sell an item or invest in a strategy you are adding to the economy.   Giving the breath of life to your server economy for one more day.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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