How Not To Make Gold In Warcraft

As I was reading different news related websites I stumbled upon an interesting story.   It seems that
a parent in a foreign country decided that his son had spent enough time playing on Warcraft.  So instead
of being an actual parent and limiting his sons activities.  The parent hired a cyber hit man to grief the sons characters all over Azeroth til they became frustrated and quit.

Admitting to myself that this was both creative and wrong.  It spiked the gold goblin in me to the idea that this idea wasn't the best to earn gold with.  Blizzard has been haphazard with their enforcement of no griefing policies when it comes to stalking players.   Many stories have been passed around about bans for 'griefing' other players by following them and killing them on PVP servers.

When my server was much stronger on world PVP there would be epic battles as groups would raid cities and people would run to the rescue.  Darnassus tended to be the most popular of places to plant players in and cause a ruckus along the server world.   Many cyber enemies were created with this PVP battles and many players became hated enemies along the times.

But I can say that it never crossed my mind to hire people to hunt someone til they became frustrated with the game.   This would be crossing an unwritten etiquette rule of sorts that were created between players.  Now I'm sure that people will read this news entry (found here) but I would hope that players would decide it isn't worth the possible loss of account access and general scorn from the server population.

Everyone wants to make real money from their gaming addiction.  Diablo presented this possibility with the Real Money Auction House.   And there is a black market for players to sell their characters once they are finished with them.   But to me getting paid to hunt and stalk a player til they quit a game just does not feel like the gold goblin way.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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