Patch 5.2: Farming For Rep.. With A Farm?

Mommar here.

Have you ever asked yourself is this the end of what to do in Halfhill?  You run there every day.   You pick your crop,  you invest in more seed,  and you plant more crop.   You do some menial tasks including killing multiple sorts of birds,  rats,  monkeys and even find the occasional apple buried in some dirt.

All of this so that you can cook more and more epicurean delights and maximize your reputation with The Tillers.   Sounds like a barrel of non stop fun and adventure.    Wake me up when the next patch hits.

With patch 5.2 this all changes.   5.2 introduces the idea of work orders that factions around Pandaria will give to you to plant and cultivate materials they can use.   If you remember the original daily dungeon quests in Shattrath city and how they were implemented this will be very similar.  But instead of having to run a dungeon,  you'll need to both plant and pick the assigned vegetables.   Unfortunately if they keep with that idea then there will not be a way to actually stock up on vegetables to sell to complete the daily task.

The new work order program does seem to require two things.   You will need to have opened up all 16 slots on your farm and have obtained Exalted status with The Tillers to start this process.   The does not cover all of the different reputation grinds that have to be done during Mists of Pandaria but it will help shorten up some of the grinds to the more time consuming grinds (Klaxxi,   Golden Lotus).   Requiring all 16 plots. has a good walk-through on the reputation grind with The Tillers.

Also make sure that once you hit revered you purchase the Grand Commendation that is available from most of the different reputation quartermasters.  This will shorten up your grind from Revered to Exalted.  

So why is this important to gold making?   Well there are two pieces of common logic when it comes to planting in Halfhill.   First finish up the daily from Farmer Yoon,  then either plant Enigma Seed for the chance to obtain random crops and Golden Lotus.  Or plant Song Bell Seed to obtain 16 motes of harmony (1.6 spirits of harmony per day).  This is going with the normal process of planting the Farmer Yoon crop of the day and digging it up to replant whichever plant you choose to let grow.

With the new work order program this could effect the production of Golden Lotus production.   Players might have to fill up between 4-8 of their plots to finish up each daily work order.   If you are planting the Engima seed then that gives you only half the chances of getting the Golden Lotus crops to bloom.   This could easily cause a spike in prices for Golden Lotus sales.     Just keep an eye on your sales and investment opportunities as the stock starts to dwindle.

Halfhill sounds exciting doesn't it?    Okay,  well maybe not all that thrilling unless your into planting and growing more crops on order.   But anything that makes the reputation grinding a little bit easier is a good thing right?   So sharpen up those plows and hoes and lets get ready to plant.  

Good Luck and Good Planting

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