Patch 5.2 Prep: Will players be returning?

The burnout of Mists of Pandaria hit much quicker than most expected.    Perhaps it was the huge amount of dailies that were seemingly required to keep up with the proverbial Joneses.   Or players running out of options after they had alread leveled one or two toons.     Older guilds seemed to be slowing down or even disappearing off the world stage.

5.2 is shaping up to bring a new spark to play.  With a brand new zone and more story lines those that enjoy reading the story throughout will be whisked back into a game that for many already became stale.

This is where Gold Goblins can look to take advantage again for players returning for another bite of the Mists of Pandaria apple.  Gear will again end up being important to get players raid ready as quick as possible.   And with the announcement that there will not be be the ability to fly in the new zone (everyone remembers Burning Crusade and the Blood Elf zones) it should bring a new burst of excitement for gear and enhancements.

If you haven't already started gathering and saving materials for your enhancement crafts,  now is an excellent time to get started.   From Belt buckles to leg armor to even gems,  looking for deals and ready to flip when the doors open to the new areas will put you on top of the Gold Goblin list.

More info gets reported with the PTRs,  and with sales of Raw gems stumbling now would be a good idea to look to get some farming under your belt.   Maxxing out your Valor Points will help to get you geared up quicker than before.   There hasn't been any announcement on points resetting (generally for the patches they do not reset) so making sure you're staying at the max (3000) and spending them accordingly will keep you in the game.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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