Pay What?

As I was rolling through the Auction House aisles looking for some bargains yesterday I came upon an interesting site.  

Someone had posted up a Green Iron Helm for sale.    Nothing fantastic on the piece.  nice leveling helm that can be handy.   I then looked at the price of what they were asking for it.

35,000 g!!!!

After I picked myself off the floor and got done laughing I wanted to figure out exactly why someone would post an item such as this at a super inflated price.   A couple of reasons came to mind:

1.   The seller hoped someone really really really (add a couple of more really) wanted a new hat.

2.   Seller was banking on someone thought it said 35g and bought it (ummm no)

3.   Their pricing addon had a spastic attack and sold them down the river.

4.   Dumb (very rarely will I say that someone is dumb when it comes to listing auctions)

In the Warcraft economy as it is now,  35,000g is a lot of money for any item.   With the changes that Blizzard has added,  gold isn't as free flowing for the average player as it was before.   So pricing an item this high is a fool's run.   This is an extreme case of course.  Pricing your items is a combination of knowledge and feeling for how your economy rolls.   On one server that has many many Warcraft millionaires,  items will be more expensive.   On a new server,  items tend to be on the lesser side because they do not sell as well.

The key is to pay attention to your market and don't just assume that number the addon gives you is the most accurate addon.  An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.   Though 35k gold would be nice for about 4 gold worth of materials.   Auction house,  I see a Green Iron Helm flood in your future

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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2 comments: on "Pay What?"

  1. They could be transferring gold between accounts

  2. Clearly a tactic to fool auctioneer. The item will probably be listed for much less later on making auctioneer think its a bargain.

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