Preparing For the Future: Alts 101

As Mists of Pandaria matures and we continue on with the storyline.  More and more players will be creating alternate characters from their mains.   A tank main may create a ranged dps class.    A healer may want to try to enjoy relaxing with a melee dps class.

The farther that players get into the raiding depths,  the more apt their guilds will have a need for specific toons.   And this is where your preparation will become important.    Players will need to get their players geared quickly up to raid level standards.  So they will be ready to pay large amounts of gold to get the best gear that gold can buy.

Patch 5.2 is already on the PTRS,   and one of the occurrences that players on the PTRs are noticing that there is a large amount of powerful BOE weapons being dropped.   Those weapons will find themselves quickly on the market as will just as powerful armor.   The key to being on top of this wave of Alternate gearing is to have both BOE crafted gear available as well as the enhancements that are needed for raiding and high level questing.

So to be prepared for this,  investing and farming in raw minerals such as ore and enchanting materials will be very important in the next couple of weeks.   Those that wait til the last minute to start to prepare will end up being in the back of the line,  depending on the ebb and flow of the Auction House.

Plan both your material strategy as well as your gold strategy to be on top.   All materials will become just as valuable in the opening weeks of the 5.2 patch and future patches.   So setting your strategy and goals now will allow you to execute them correctly and effectively.

Keep your eyes on the prize and the prize will be yours

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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