Recipe Isolation Sales

Mommar here.

With every new patch new recipes arrive.  Some of them are drops from raid bosses.  Others are purchasable through different means.  New recipes mean new opportunities for profit.

Unfortunately you aren't the only one that looks to get new recipes.   Every player with a profession is looking to get ahead of others in providing items for raiders and players leveling.   The important part of this is how you evaluate a new recipe.

If you were working on your Blacksmithing or Leatherworking profession you knew where to get your PVP blue patterns.  During the cataclysm expansion these were easy money makers.   This occurred because many crafters didn't want to put the money or time into crafting and selling these.   With Mists of Pandaria these PVP patterns have become much more commonplace because they were used to bring the professions up to maximum.   With these items becoming much more common the price was driven down considerably.   The PVP pieces have come to the point that they are much less profitable.

Every so often a new pattern will arrive on the AH.  Your skills in being able to determine whether this will be a profitable pattern becomes that much more in demand.   Selling one or two will very rarely be able to recoup the investment you made in buying the pattern.  But selling 5-6 of the crafted item can easily pay for the pattern and also add a handy profit into your pocket.

When spotting new patterns,   determine just how much in demand that pattern will be on your server.   That should be the main determination of whether you buy the pattern or go ahead and let it pass.  Also don't forget that you can pick up the pattern and just flip it back on the AH for a few more gold.   Go with what your gut and experience tell you to do.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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