Taking Advantage of 5.2 PVP Gear Changes

Selling to PVP players is a niche market for some servers.  On other servers it's a cash cow that can be untapped until you obtain the right knowledge.

With patch 5.2 there are some major changes in the gear and how it effects your PVP score.

  • Dreadful will be the crafted gear (ilvl 458) -  
  • Malevolent will be the gear obtained via honor points (ilvl 483)
  • Tyrannical is obtained via conquest points in 5.2 (after obtaining 27000 conquest points will be available via honor points in 5.3)
  • Elite Tyrannical is obtained via Conquest points after 27000 conquest points in the season)
The big change will be there will no longer be any rating limit to obtain gear.   Many players were unable to upgrade pieces of gear because they either obtain high ratings in the arena.   More gear means more chances for upgrades and enchants.

That artificial line that was at 2200 stopped many players from capping off their honor/conquest points.   Giving access to the higher gear will allow players to enjoy the high level PVP without getting as frustrated because they are not as accomplished as others are.

This also should spark an increase in PVP stat gems and pure stat gems.   It also may bring back players who were burnt out on the storyline content and just need to open up a can of whoop butt on someone.

All in all I like these changes if they stay at this level.   And should add a large amount of gold in the right pockets if the Gold Goblins are prepared.   Buying inexpensive materials for enchants now and belt buckles
(Either the raw Living Steel needed for production or the belt buckles themselves.).   

Look at what the population of your realm feels about PVP.  If it is an active server then jumping on this opportunity is a no brainer.  If your realm is less attractive when it comes to PVP you may want to just dip your foot in the water and see what occurs.   This is where your research on the warcraft forums can be very beneficial.   A little knowledge can go a long way.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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