Time Management With Faction Grinding

Mommar here.

Mists of Pandaria opened up a plethora of factions to obtain experience with.   Golden Lotus,  Klaxxi,  The August Celestials.   All of them have your required door prizes of mounts,  and tabards and even raid quality gear.

But there are so many of them that they can eat up a lot of your time trying to finish them all.   Where you can get a certain amount of gold per turn in of quests,  no one wants to spend hours and hours attempting to finish every daily quest asked from each faction.   With each patch adding more dailies the mountain of reputation becomes impossible to climb.

This is where time management strategy is useful other than just running in to finish dailies.   Figuring out which factions are more beneficial to you and your future gold making will reap benefits quickly.  Blacksmiths will want to work on the Klaxxi to get access to higher level blacksmithing plans including the Masterwork Ghost Forged Blade.  

Using resources such as Crafters Tome to plot out not just your mains path for faction leveling but also your
alternate toons.  

Keep in mind that each of the factions have a tome that's purchasable at revered that will double the amount of reputation you receive with your other toons on the account.   So if you find yourself needing to double up on rep with future characters paying the price for them will make the reputation grind much easier.

Placing time constraints and concentrating on one or two factions to raise your reputation levels will keep you from getting burnt out on daily quests and allow you to enjoy the other parts of Mists of Pandaria.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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