Who Are You Feeding Sales Too?

Mommar here.

Every so often I will go and take a friend out to eat.    Sometimes we will pay for each other,  other times it's pay for your own.   Occasionally I will even put a crowbar into the wallet and pay for it all.   This is separate from going out on a date since I tend to pay for the food on a date.   Yes,  I've a caveman when it comes to dating....

So how does this apply to Warcraft gold?    I love sales.  I love logging on and seeing 10 to 20 sales on each of my toons.   I let it auto collect all of my gold and then move on.   But occasionally I will take a look and see just who purchased what items.  If it's one or two items then it's just filed in my mind under miscellaneous information.  But every so often I will see that one person bought 10 to 20 of an item.   My mental gears start rolling and I question why this is.   Am I missing an opportunity for more gold from this person?  Or am I missing a new system that might be applied to my own strategy.

There are times I will contact the person to talk to them.   If I think it's because they may buy more then we can negotiate.   If they seem to have a good idea I look to see if it is something that I might be able to use.   There are very few systems that will limit how many people can be working with before it becomes over saturated and nonviable for gold making.

So just a little bit of knowledge and leg work can bring in a better sale from a player.   Also it can provide a new avenue of sales or investment that will pay off in future endeavors.  All for the price of a meal.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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