5.2 Watch: Capping Justice Points

Mommar here.

In less than 24 hours there will be either many many MANY screams of "you promised" or another server reset and maintenance day.

All of this possible angst brought to us from the dissection of one comment.   After the announcement of the patch date being Feb 26,  Everyone rushing off to spend their valor points due to the statement that valor points would be converted downwards to justice points.

The Blizzard powers that be recanted this change later in the week stating that the valor points would no longer be reset (Thanks Uncle Blizzard for the Valor Points).   This does not mean that tomorrow players won't be waking up to long load times as the new patch updates and deploys on the server.

Unfortunately, if you haven't hit your weekly topping off of valor points then you have today to finish if this scenario plays out.   Now 1000+ valor points is nothing to shake a stick at.    Valor gear should be half price after the patch day so that 1000 points now will go to become 2000 points.  But the ability to upgrade gear
Disappears till at least patch 5.3.   So balancing out your expectations on gear between patch day and arriving at gear level reputation with the new reputation vendors.

What gets lost in the patch gear is the release of BOA leveling gear for Justice Points.   Justice points items have seriously suffered from excitement all through the Mists of Pandaria.   The gear obtained via Justice points were at a lower ilvl to Heroic Raid gear.  So these items were used to spot fill gear selection items till a suitable replacement from Heroics or Raid/crafted gear.

Patch 5.2 and farther will bring a lot of players to start to heavily level their alt army.   Professions weren't as pressed to maximize their leveling exploits to be viable.   Jewelcrafting could finish off their patterns from grinding in Jade Forrest for a few hours.  Blacksmithing and Leatherworking and tailoring needed reputation from Klaxxi and Golden Lotus to become viable in many markets.  So BOA gear becomes that much more important to get the alt army to 85 and into the hunt to get the army to 90 with regular gear upgrades.

The key to look at is that many players already have most of their alt army at 85.   So Justice Points again sit there without an outlet until level 90.  Then spent to do a quick gear upgrade to get you into Heroic/raiding position that much quicker.

So hopefully tomorrow there isn't a sudden shift in the force,  like 8 million players finding out that their time is over to finish capping their valor points.   Here's to hoping tomorrow stays just the same as any other server reset the day and then we all receive a patch 5.2 reprieve.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

(There was a PTR release two hours after this article was written so it's pretty much a guarantee that we are all safe for another week of grinding out valor points)

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