Get a Grip On Your Pricing

Mommar here.

So here is a scenario that I see played out many times as I'm cruising along the Auction House.

Player thought:   Ooo,   there is no Adept Vermilion Onyx on the Auction House.   Look,  I have a Vermilion Onyx Blank.  So I can Craft one for sale.

(We are good up to now.   See a need,  sell a need)

Players thought:   Okay,  So how do I price this.   I see the value on my handy dandy marketing tool says 125g.

(Again,  we are good with this.   It is nice to be the first in line so you can add a little bit more to the listing)

Players thought:  I shall price it at 540g

(WHAT?????   Umm,   I think you missed the boat on this one.)

Pricing a relatively easily crafted item for an exhorbant amount of gold is just begging someone to come along and undercut you.    There is the small chance that you would get the sale.   A very small chance,   along the lines of the chance that Ed McMahon will deliver my bucket full of gold nuggets personally.

Placing that 540g price is nice to watch the first time.   Maybe even the second time it's nice to think of the possibilities that someone will come along and really really REALLY need that gem.   The third time that it arrives in your mailbox unsold it loses its luster and its interest.   Especially with the blanks being much cheaper than the cut.  25g and a little patience can save someone a lot of gold.     And many players aren't willing to part with that much gold for a gem that they will replace in two to three weeks.

Always manage your pricing based on what someone will pay for it.   Not what looks good in your hopes and dreams of selling.   By the time that 540g gem sells,   another player will have sold 10 at a lesser price.  And you are still stuck holding your 540g imaginary sale.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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