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As we are in the home stretch to patch 5.2 it's difficult not to remember the trials and tribulations to come.  With a one new Raid instance and another world boss many players will be returning to the old dungeons to maximize their reputation with different groups in the game.   This will follow with many players having run these instances time after time after time after (you get the idea).

The interesting part is that there are a few that are looking to return to the game or even start to play in Pandyland.   New players and returning players get to run into the wall of attitude that happens from time to time.  The expectations that players who are relatively overgeared for instances are 'carrying' the team.

No one will ever accuse me of being the best player in Warcraft.   But I hold my own.   Even then I will make mistakes,  especially with some of the short cuts that players will take instances.  Skipping mob groups to speed up their collection of Valor tokens and reputation.   The majority of players are good sports and will get a little grouchy then moving on.  But occasionally you just run into someone wanting to qualify as the Richard of the week (Think nicknames people).

But they also have a right to play exactly the way they want too.   They can gripe and fuss and yell noob as many times as they want.   The same rights and privileges I have to completely ignore them,  or even laugh at their 'greatness' in a made up game with made up items.

And that truly is the key to remember.  Ultimately the only thing that is real with Warcraft are the people behind the keyboard.   Whether they really are not that good,  or you run into the #1 player in the world in your instance group.  Real players have real issues.  The guy griping and complaining might have 4 keys balancing on their knee and a wife who lets him half an hour a day to play.  Or they could be a 14 year old who is failing at math and health class.

Even if they are none of this,  feeding fuel into the fire never solves anything.   The best way to handle a bully in an instance is to ignore them,  find out if you are in error and then fix the problem.   And if you find that it's truly not tolerable.   Drop the instance and go onto the next one.   There are plenty of daily quests,   action house duties or even sitting in the middle of trade chat.   All can be just as exciting as listening to a blow-hole shooting their mouths off about how awesome they are in a game.

Now,   If I can only remember to hit that stupid bugs soft spot,  then he won't yell at me again.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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