Patch 5.2: New Leatherworking Pattern Dailies

Mommar here.

For anyone that leveled a jewelcrafter during Mists of Pandaria they are very familiar with obtaining patterns for blue level cuts.   For those that don't,  you were offered two choices.  You had one daily cooldown that allowed you to craft one of the prisms to crack open for a recipe.   You also had the option of spending a Spirit of Harmony to bypass the daily lockout.   Fun for all the boys and girls as they were leveling.

With patch 5.2 Leatherworking gets to enjoy this same system for adding new recipes.   There are two new patterns added that are drops from mobs around Mists of Pandaria.

Magnificence of Scales

Magnificence Of Leather

Both are strong necessary recipes to obtain the new patterns.  Basically you burn your daily and have a chance of learning one of the new recipes.   Pretty easy right?    And can be very good for the skinning profession.  If you take a look at the math you'll see that making one Magnificent Hide with the cooldown will have half the cost.  Then any other hides that day that are crafted will be at the full price.   This really feels like a Blizzard version of buy one get one at half price plus a recipe.

There are a lot of benefits to this type of system,  especially without any type of override from a Spirit of Harmony.   This will slowly add the patterns to each realm (look for lots of advertising in trade chat looking for specific items).  It will also give a good boost to a depressed market that both the Leatherworking and Skinning market have become.  

So this means that farm skinning will become very important before and after patch 5.2.  Not just to sell but also to obtain the patterns themselves.   A player who is sitting on a large pile of unprocessed skins will put themselves far up the gold goblin pile.

For the leatherworkers themselves,  it's important to have a stockpile of both the raw skins as well as some of the hides themselves.    Each of the new patterns requires a large amount of the Hides and will be in high demand.  Especially for players wanting to jump-start alt's.   The first two to four weeks will determine just how much profit players will be able to obtain just from providing the raw materials.

Don't ignore a side business of just flipping conversions of hide products for players.  Many players to avoid paying a higher price for the Auction House will gather their own materials that are BOE and then pay less to have the item crafted for them directly.   Just keep in mind your time and effort are at a premium.   We've talked previously about tipping vs charging a fee.  In this case,  charge them a fee (if they aren't happy,  they can sit around and find someone else to do it or negotiate a better price.).

Patch 5.2 could easily jump-start a sagging Leatherworking economy.  Be one of the first on the server to get into the goods.  And wallow around in the profits to come.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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