Patch 5.2 Prep: Farming the Auction House

 Mommar here.

The first thing I should say is that I am not completely against the idea of farming materials.   For many it is relaxing to just put the brain on autopilot and grab materials,  kill mobs and overall enjoy a relatively non thinking activity in the world of Azeroth.

For many the holiday season we are in now [Love Is In The Air] has many players sitting in Uldum farming mobs for their lovely Lovely Charm Bracelet for their daily turn ins.   But For Patch 5.2 farming is needed to be increased to be prepared for the high demand.

For myself I prefer looking for materials that are inexpensive from the auction house.  I think it's important to treat the auction house farming the same as actual farming out in the world.   Searching for the nodes and leftovers that players are attempting to get gold in,  looking for easy deals and large amounts of surplus items.

The big reason why auction house farming becomes important is time management.   There are many days that 10 minutes of material searching will give me the same amount of materials that I can obtain from two hours of farming.   This obviously does cut into the bottom line of my crafting profits when I have to invest gold up front.  The measurement is whether your gold investment is more valuable than the time investment in 'normal' material farming.

Now you do have a wrinkle as I said when it regards holidays such as Love is in the Air the easy way is to go and sit around mobs that are quickly destroyed.  But I find that farming mobs in a higher range ends up giving more profits.  Much of my farming in regards to the bracelets are done in instances and my dailies.  By the time I'm finished with all of the dailies and instances I have enough for one to two days full of turn ins.  The rest can be barked for in trade chat for profit.  The farther along and more desperate players get to finish off the turn ins for the holiday the more that can be charged.   I'm still seeing 40-60g per charm bracelet being asked for.

Just keep in mind that planning out your own personal farming strategy is just as important as getting your Best in Slot gear.   Having a plan and executing will allow you to get your farming chores done and still enjoy the world of warcraft.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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