Patch 5.2: Tap That Mob

In 5.2 a new mob tapping mechanism is getting added.   Previously a mob (boss or even regular) is placed on the first tap system.  Whoever hits it first gets credit for the kill and gets the reward.  Some of the quest mobs could be hit later and the kill would be recorded towards the quest but the player would have no chance for any gold or items.

Just about everyone has run into the problem where they were a little late seeing a rare mob,  and someone had already tagged the rare.  So a player could either walk away and pout,  or be a good soul and help with the kill with no chance at credit or loot.  With the new system it will encourage players to jump into the fray and help with the kill.  Here's how it works:

If a quest/rare mob is tagged by one player then they are at their regular health.    If another player enters the fight then the mob will have it's health jump by 50%.  Another player adds another 50% and so forth.   Simple math can give you that this can take a regular 750k mob into 2-3 million in health in no time.  But the bonus is that all of the loot is separate (magically they spring extra pockets for each person,  lets not ask the logic on this one).

So the obvious idea is to make sure that if you see someone kicking the trash out of a rare or high powered quest mob you should stop and join in.  Especially for rares that drop some interesting trinkets and loot.  Ignoring a chance to get a couple of hits in for a chance at loot won't pay the bills at the end of the day.

I wonder how this will affect world bosses.   Instead of seeing alliance/horde staredowns over Galleon you will have a lot of cross faction violence to look forward too.

Now i wonder just how high someone will be able to get a mob.  This should be interesting.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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