Patch 5.2: Thanks Uncle Blizzard for the Valor

Have you ever met that person that whenever they say 'sure is sunny outside' then it rains the rest of the week?   Well I am starting to feel that way about patch 5.2.

Just yesterday I commented about how the Valor points and Conquest points were going to be reset.   People rushing to make sure they have spent their points for valuable prizes.   Well thanks to Uncle Blizzard last night they have changed their mind.  Valor and Conquest points will not reset. (Ugh).

So this a tale of two cities when it comes to valor.  The current Valor items will be at half price (unless the big guys change their mind again) so you will end up with more bang for your buck item wise.  But after 5.2 the upgrading of items for valor points will not be available.  (Supposedly this will return in patch 5.3 but who is really counting that.)

It still is a good idea to have the majority of your items that you intend on keeping upgraded with your valor points before patch 5.2 hits.  There will be some new goodies from the Shadow Pan offensive and the Kirin Tor/Sunreaver Offensive.   But these will be very dependent on your reputation with either faction.   Having your gear in top shape for raiding with the next patch will put you above the average.

But this is a good journal and not a whine fest.   The same application of your raw materials your saving for patches and enhancements.   The one thing that might take a large hit is going to be Meta Gem Market.  5.2 introduces the next step in the epic raiding quest line.   Those that complete the questline end up getting a meta gem for their helm.  Depending on your server this could vastly impact the demand there is for meta gems from Jewelcrafters.  There will always be some demand when it comes to gear helms for raiding.  But when players reach their Best In Slot gear for their helm they won't be replacing those meta gems often.

Don't ignore the professions that tend to take a beating at the end of a raiding cycle.   Jewelcrafters are going to be in demand to fill up slots from the new gear.  Each tier of gear gives more slots and more opportunity for sales.  So picking up some of the base cut gems (str, agi, int, spirt) for cheap prices and then flipping them on the first week of Patch 5.2 should set you in a good place.

Currently the estimated release for patch 5.2 is the 26th of Feburary.  But with this Valor change and them stating you will be able to max out your valor before the patch it is possible that date will be moved back further.  But it's a better plan to just post on your calender for the 26th for everything to explode.

Keep your head above water and keep on planning.   Uncle Blizzard can't change his mind again can he????

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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