Something Stinks In The Air

Mommar here.

What a great way to start the week.   Everyone is getting ready for the new patch 5.2 (Whenever it's released.   Have to love Blizzards 'it will come out when it's ready' policy).

Also getting to start this Monday with the Love Is In The Air event (or what I refer to as the love stinks event).    This is one of the grinds for items that takes time and really can't be done in just a few days.  Especially if you're wanting one of the mounts available.

There really isn't anything new with the event.   Most of it involves finishing a quick quest in your home city,  and another one down in Uldum.  You'll notice that they didn't update the mobs in Uldum so at level 90 you'll be smacking around level 83-84 bad guys.   Unfortunately this also removes a semi decent grinding spot for your creation of Lovely Charms.   There was much fear and trembling in the blogosphere that Disenchanting the necklaces from the event boss would drive down the price of materials.  The powers that be hot fixed this issue so the items aren't disenchantable anymore.

There is a small (and I mean small) possibility that the patch comes out this week  With patch 5.2 all of your valor points get converted to Justice points (and Conquest turn into honor points).   Patch 5.2 introduces a new tier, so no one gets a head start to the new items.  So if the conversion will put you above your maximum justice points (4000) then it will be a good idea to buy something from the current tear to keep from the points converting to gold (never a good option).

With new areas,  new quests,  new raids there will be a huge demand for enhancement items.   We will be taking a look at different areas to be prepared for before the patch hits.   But keep picking up your items you use for your enchants,  patches and saleable items.  Also Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths might want to look to dump some of your crafted PVP inventory since new more powerful PVP patterns will be available with the new patch.

Enjoy your monday.   and as always....

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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