Valentines Gifts For The Equipment Impaired

It's the day that many people dread.   The anti establishment will convert you to the belief that Valentines day was created as a marketing ploy to sell more candy and cards.   Moans and groans of people who waited until the last minute to get a gift for the one they love.   Mcdonalds parking lots full for that 'special meal' while the expectation of fun that won't happen later in the evening.

So if you're going to phone in another Valentines day why not at least get them something useful.   All people like to get new equipment and gear and mounts.   It will show them how much you think about them while you're laying the Smackdown on mobs.

And it's this train of thought that has kept many people single for their entire lives.   Valentines day has lost a lot of its luster since Walmart started advertising for it somewhere mid November of last year.   But certain gifts keep thoughts alive on what to give.

Take a look at your crafter and see just what you can make that has a more permanent nature.  Mounts that can be given to those you care about can make people feel much more special than a high five and a smack on the rump.  

Valentines day isn't really a horrible holiday.  It's just lost that special feeling both in and out of the Warcraft universe.  

Now I need to go deliver those 'Thrall is my valentine' to my friends

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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