Don't Fret Young Farmer

This is the first full weekend of Patch 5.2.  The story will be told just how the different patterns and changes in the auction house market will come forward.   Since Tuesday it's been lackluster on some servers on some of the items that were predicted to go higher.

One of the lackluster changes to me as far as marketing goes was the reputation orders done at half hill.   Each turn-in (at revered for the chosen faction) ends up netting 800+ reputation points.  This is assuming you have the bonus stone that you can purchase at revered.  For non crafters this might be a benefit if you're not farming for cooking materials or selling raw materials.

But for crafters,  I am having a difficult time seeing the benefits of eating up 8 slots for reputation to a faction. Unless you are desperate to get as much reputation every day towards a faction (ends up maxxing out around 3000 if you do all the dailies at revered + chosen faction for instance + farmed for the faction the day before.   Compare this to storing up 8 motes of harmony towards crafting patterns.   Currently the new Blacksmithing patterns are not available direction (there have been reports of exploits to get to the boss needed to obtain the patterns).   Either way you would have to farm those extra 8 motes towards a crafting pattern through mobs or instances.

Unfortunately the past ability to plant and then dig up isn't available this time for half hill quests.   To fill the requirements of the reputation quest you must both plant and cultivate.   Again this eats up the 8 plots necessary to finish the task.  

The different seeds available do seem to be giving more random materials other than intended.  The Enigma seeds seem to be popping more Golden Lotus.   If the Ghost Iron ore market begins to climb them Snakeroot Seed.

Your determination of what to plant is based on your needs at the time.   But if you're a crafter then your big ticket item should remain the Songbell Seed for the near future.   Non crafters have a much bigger decision to make.

Now,  someone make me a snozzberry seed and I will be a happy farmer.

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  1. Snakeroot seeds are yielding practically no ghost iron - it's now black or white trillium, with a chance to proc one ghost iron ore.

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