Hearthstone: The New Wow Killer?

I have always been a proponent of the idea that the only true 'wow killer' will be a game that Blizzard creates themselves.  Whether it's Diablo 3 (which was a great game on itself but definitely not a wow killer),  or the much maligned and rumored Titan project.   Many games have tried to take the reigns from the king of MMO's and some have done damage.

Blizzard announced its new game today,  Hearthstone:  Heroes of Warcraft.   Now Before we all jump on the 'O no,  it's Pokemon Warcraft version" let's give this one a chance.   Everyone suffers some burnout from playing warcraft week after week.  Even with new content WOW has had its ups and downs when it comes to subscribers.

The important part of a new game is that Blizzard has always been masters of cross game advertisements.   With the beta being available this summer I will not be surprised if they offer treats to get players from World of Warcraft the MMO game to try out the new digital card game.  Diablo had some crossover items that could be used in Warcraft and vice versa.

Where I had been hoping that we might get some more info on Titan and its possibilities,  I do not see a new digital card game as being the end of the world with it comes to our favorite game.  So before the pitchforks and torches are pulled out,  lets give this one a chance and get some more information on what Blizzard brings to the digital gaming table.

MMO-champion has a lot of information on the new game.  Go here to see what our gaming masters have brought out for us to watch.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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