Patch 5.2: First Take

Mommar here.

Every new patch brings something new for the enjoyment of the players.  It also can bring a lot of hand wringing and irritation.   This is par for the course when new content and new areas are open.

The new Jewelcrafting technique for obtaining patterns is interesting.  I took my shaman Jewelcrafter into a couple of instances and ended up picking up the pattern.  My first attempt at crafting the Serpent's Heart gave me a wonderful Wild Jade (just one step from a whiff in t-ball).   Will have to see what else occurs in the next couple of days.  The pattern itself drops around Pandaria so pick your favorite group of mobs and kill til it drops.

My Leatherworker had the two new LWer cooldown pattern drop a lot slower than I expected.   Two days of working on the Isle of Thunder dailies (and there are a lot of dailies there).  The biggest problem with the Isle of Thunder are the repops of mobs.   More than once I was killing one mob when three others joined in to beat your favorite Azeroth superhero.   Being relatively well geared I was able to handle them but I imagined someone who was just hitting 90 and dropping into the Isle would get massacred rather quickly.

Also a big problem with the Isle is the shear amount of people that are on the Isle currently.  Everyone at level 90 and decently geared were killing mobs,  running around and aggroing mobs only to see them drop my fights.   The new tag mechanic for bigger bosses and rares works pretty well,  though when you're just about to kill a mob and four people join again can be disheartening.   Everyone is on separate loot tables but there is still that quick hitch of 'ugh,  I just lost this gear I wanted:".

There is more to find out about owning your own farm.   But that's for tomorrow.  I was definitely surprised by the overall feel of the new patch.  It's exciting but until everything is unlocked the shear magnitude of the new war movement.   It will be interesting to see what unlocks after we've all done our duty for the war.

P.S.  Yes I know,  you can read it all on the PTR's and notes,  but I do like a little mystery in my game.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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  1. I agree with the mob respawns but there seems to be like 1 in 4 types of mobs that barely respawn at all, those floating ghoul things that go around in packs for instance the first day of dailies I didn't see one my whole run through that area. The next day it wasn't as bad but still, I also agree that a fresh level 90 would get eaten alive I am at 480 ilvl and things still get interesting as it tends to in MOP for any non healing class.

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