Patience is a Virtue.

The powers that be at Blizzard seem well not their way to keeping their word when it comes to new content. We are only one week removed from patch 5.2 and the notes for patch 5.3 are already up to be read.

As with any early patch notes there is much gnawing and gnashing of teeth on any changes.  PVP changes (which we will discuss possible opportunities later),  your favorite class getting hammered with the nerf bat or buffed to near legendary status.  In the long run this is a rough draft to what will occur with patch 5.3.

So before everyone grabs their verbal and digital pitchforks lets keep in mind that your comments do end up being heard.  As long as it's not included rants and raves and new combinations of four letter words that you wouldn't say in front of my momma (what you say in front of your mother is entirely up to you).

As MOP starts over the mid point and starting to gain momentum,  people's patience tends to run thing on many things.  Including the running of instances and raids.   Players run instances for one or two items and then they drop the group when it doesn't become their new precious.   It's a nature of the game to see players that get frustrated when a tank goes a little bit slower than they would like.   Remember when your playing that at times you will be dealing with players that are just learning how to tank on an ALT,  or just learning how to heal.   It's a part of the nature of this game to learn new things.  It is what makes things fun and exciting,  or frustrating and hair pulling.

So keep your patience chip on the desk when you get a little agitated by something you do not like.   Figure out whether you're helping someone,  or just ending up being ignored with your 'insightful' comments.   You probably aren't nearly as funny or as sane as you think you sound.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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