Prepping For the Death Of PVP

Okay,  so if you hear from hardcore PVPers they will tell you that with the possible changes in 5.3,  PVP will be dead.   Some of the changes include

-  Removal of Resilence on Gear
-  Players have a base of 65% resilience
-  PVP power will be balanced on gear.

There were some other changes when it came to the equipment you could buy with conquest and honor points.   Most of our business ends up being players trying to piece specific pieces to their set to allow them to enter PVP without getting slaughtered.  Enchants and Gem slots get filled in by some but the majority of these are reserved for the high end PVP players.

Patch 5.3 is still months away.   But reading these changes should spark some ideas in your gold minded head figuring out what opportunities will exist.   Just how powerful will PVE items mixed in with PVP items become?   Will players look to min/max (Dungeons and Dragons flashback here) their gear to become monsters in the PVP world or will they stick with just straight PVP gear.  

No one really knows the complete answers to these and other questions.   It's to be expected that during the PTR stage of patch 5.3 there will be some changes and tweaks to the new system.   And how those tweaks go will determine the validity of sales to PVP players as a whole.  

One thing to look at now is to look at just where your enchants will be at.   Not just the two new possible PVP enchants from patch 5.3 but previous enchants and gems.   Gems and enchants will become that much more important to players than straight gear swaps.  Players will look at a gem they can buy for 100g to place in a gear slot over paying 2000g for a piece of gear that gives them only a few more points of power.

PVP tends to be a very fickle market.  If you live on a server that has an active PVP grouping then it can be a goldmine to print your own money.  But if you live on a server that has a weaker PVP system then it can be much more difficult to conquer.  Just keep an eye on the PTR notes and look to see where the wind blows.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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