Taking Advantage of The Market

Mommar here.

In my 'career' making gold in world of warcraft,  the one thing I have always tried to do is to remain above questionable means to obtain my wow riches.   Where I have no problem taking advantage of opportunities I believe that you can make gold without going to far over the bend.

With Patch 5.2,  a new mechanism was created for new crafting patterns.  Leatherworking and tailoring received theirs from the start.  Blacksmithing patterns were not directly available tail section three of the Isle of thunder was opened.  

But some resourceful players were able to get to that section of the isle and obtain the drop that started the quest to begin crafting Lightning Steel.   This gave these players access to the Blacksmithing patterns that could be found on the daily timer.    After a few days Blizzard hot fixed the area so that the boss couldn't drop this pattern until the area had been unlocked by the server itself.  But the damage was done on some servers.

There is a balance between applauding creativity to do something beyond what the developers intended,  and throwing the curve off of an economy.   Gear becomes much more important as an expansion pack becomes more mature.   Obtaining that magical ilvl for the gear you wear to be able to play with the cool kids in the highest raids available.   But things like this also throw a monkey wrench into undervaluing of items from lower tiers.   Most players want the best to play with,  and will do anything to be able to obtain these items.

Also the danger of 'exploiting' this is severe penalties that can be laid down.  In this case there were no known suspensions or bans given.  But it wouldn't be the first time that a player or even a guild paid a heavy price for people playing on a fine line of disaster.

The question that a gold goblin should always ask themselves is the worth of being first with an item.  Even if it means what some would view as cheating the system.   A few 1000 gold or a few ilvl points for the chance of getting suspended or even account banned.

That determination my friends is always up to you.   You make the choices on whether you will wear the white hat,  the grey hat or the dark helmet.  

(I refuse to say may the force by with you).

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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