The Inportance of being Hot(fixes)

If this is your first patch rodeo then you are getting introduced to the 'undocumented features' that occur with any major new content change.   Mobs that seem to dance for no known reason.   Players that get mugged by 30 mobs or bosses that laugh as they evade each and every attack you make.

Hotfixes are fixes that happen to fix a problem that the developer did not expect when they released the patch (Or the Krakken if they are completely bored).  Most of the fixes never affect the majority of players.  To the point that many players never even pay attention to them unless they are directly told to go there and read.

But as gold goblins it is important to read these.  The majority of these fixes don't effect gold making directly.  They might make reputation a little easier or difficult to obtain.  They may fix bugs in farming areas.   But it's just as important to read these when they come out as reading the patch notes themselves.  Take this for instance.

In the March 11th hot fixes there was a little blurb hidden in the mess of little fixes

Zandalari Dinomancers now have a much lower chance to drop the Zandalari Anklerender, Footslasher, Kneebiter, and Toenibbler.

If you have done any farming on the Isle of Giants you know that before this fixe these 4 pets dropped pretty easily.   They were being given away (I bought 2 for 50g a piece yesterday and they vendor at 65g).   Now with these changes there is a high possibility that these pets will become more in demand for those that have not visited the isle.   Pets have been one of those hit or miss investments as far as sales go.   This should give a nice boost til the isle becomes much more popular.

Another hotfix to look in the same listing is:


Creation of Lightning Steel Ingots now requires at least one of the factions to have unlocked the Thunder Forge.

On many servers players were exploting the area to get access to the forge to be able to start obtaining the new blacksmith patterns.  Some of the new armor was being found on the AH for exhorbant prices.   This evens the playing field for Blacksmiths who don't have the luxury of access to the area.

The majority of hot fixes is about playability or 'undocumented features' found in the new patch.  But reading them can be very similar to panning for gold.  You end up with looking at a lot of dirt,  but those gold nuggets become excellent money making opportunities.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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