Thunderforge Ready for Business

Mommar here.

If your server has been keeping up with the rest of the gang,  the Thunderforge should be open for your Blacksmithing and engineering goodness.

Both professions get a new daily cooldown to craft either a Lightning Steel Ingot or Stabilized Lightning Source.   Both are necessary for the patterns that are learned by finishing your new daily profession ritual.  The important part to remember is that similar to another profession cooldown items these are BOP so will be worth a lot of gold for players looking to have things crafted using them.

The other important part is that both of these new profession cooldowns will effect Ghost Iron Ore/Bars on the open market.   Now here is where your knowledge of your server becomes very important when determining the crafting options that you have.

Players are starting to look at getting the best bang for their buck when it comes to purchasing equipment.   The weapons crafted with the Lightning Steel Ingots will be very powerful.   And you end up learning how to craft the original weapon that is 'reborn'.  The ilvl will be 463 so it won't be in high demand for its power (all raid tier weapons will be of higher ilvl).  The demand will come from the look and aesthetics  of the item.

Engineering gets a little less love but might end up being a little bit more in demand.   With three new recipes including a new companion pet (Pierre) and the new Mount (Sky Claw) collectors will have both of these in high demand.   Very similar to my favorite mount the Mechano-Hog players will want to have these crafted at the cheapest amount possible.  Keep in mind that with both of the Ingots and Lightning Source being BOP you control just how much you're willing to sell them for.   Negotiations will become very important and do not be afraid to walk away for another day.

(added 3:30pm)

Looks like Engineering got the short end of the stick again.   Players are reporting that the plans are not dropping for the engineering doing the quest.    Perhaps they will hotfix this but once again,   Engineers become the red headed step children).

Also don't forget to do your transmute daily for Blacksmithing the same day that you finish up the quest to obtain the plans.   That will put you one day farther to obtain that very soon to be a hefty priced item.

Keep your head up,  your hammer quick and let the fun begin.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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