What Days Do You Sell?

Mommar here (again,  someone else going to show up and entertain the masses?)

I find that as I continue in my life that some days are much more difficult to go through my full routine of listing,  searching,  farming,  leveling and finishing dailies.   At one point we talked about breaking down to different levels of activity on some days.   Whether it's a A day (full listing,  everything for sale) or a C day (just a couple of listings and finishing my dailies.)

Within this idea there are certain days that I find that there is a higher importance to finish certain activities.   Listing of Raid quality items does not have as high of a priority on weekdays as they do on the weekends.  Enchants and equipment that sell to leveling toons become more important during the week than they do on 'server raid' days.

Each server has its own pulse and its own calendar of expectations.   One server I belong to have the majority of the raid guilds working on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  While another one is almost exclusively a weekend raiding area.    These differences cause me to adjust what gets listed when on each server.

Both do hole similarities as well.   I do a lot of my bidding on Tuesday.  This allows me to take advantage of bids for auctions that will end during the server maintenance period.   Another time for me to list on multiple servers items for sale are the weekends.   Many players are 'weekend warriors' and put the majority of their time on during Saturday and Sunday.

The important thing for gold goblins is to determine when it's okay to take a break and relax the listings,  and the other days that you should go full bore with everything you have.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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