Bad Bad Robot.. The Warcraft Edition

The Gang at Blizzard introduced a future pet for the Engineering profession.   It helped that the picture was data mined earlier by an industrious crew that tear into PTR code with a vengeance.

Blizzard has done an excellent job with each patch of Mists of Pandaria to add weapons and items to be crafted by Blacksmiths,  Tailors and Leatherworkers.  Unfortunately Engineer crafted items have been slower to be delivered and the Inscription profession has been almost completely ignored for addition items.

One of the best ways to keep players excited about professions is to add new items for them to craft,  both for personal use as well as sales.   We all know that my gold goblin mind revolves mostly around what can be sold for a profit.  In this case I expect the new Engineering Pet to be in demand.

We can only speculate on what will be required to craft this soon to be popular pet.   If the powers that be stay on track with previous crafted items we can speculate on what will be needed.

Trillium Bar (my guess would be 4-6)
Spirit of Harmony (Probably 1,  maybe at most 2)
Exotic Leather (4)

Of course I do not have a magic 8 ball to tell exactly what might be needed.  At some point the PTR will have this pet and we will know the exact amount that will be required.  But giving a decent heads up on what might be possible can help with being prepared.  As with many pets,  crafting and selling these will have a very short peak life.   Once a player has one (or even two) of these for their personal collection the demand will take a serious drop.   That first 2-3 weeks will become very important for sales opportunities and being ready.

So keep this in mind when you start storing your nuts and bolts for a later sales day.  Maybe putting away one or two of your Ghost Iron Bars or Trillium bars on the possibility of being prepared to craft for the masses.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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