Craft Me Some Pants.. Or Something Else

Mommar here.

It's Monday,  the Darkmoon Faire has arrived for another visit and all is well in the Gold Goblin World.   Okay,  so maybe not all is well in the gold goblin world.  For some it has become more and more difficult to eek out the thousands and thousands of gold they have become used to.   There has become a large difference between players willing to spend extensive amounts of gold for items that they will replace quickly in Looking For Raid or Guild Raid Runs.  

But never forget the army of alts that players have at their disposal.  Where they may not be as interested to put in 10,000g into a main's piece of equipment,   it is very possible that they will spend that same amount to get an Alternate up to Raid spec.  

Most players have a limited amount of time to play,  but as guilds progress many players are asked to have not just one toon ready to take a spot but even two or three.   And with progression for some guilds becoming the crux of their interest,  they want to put the best team on the floor.   Even in tonight's NCAA championship game,  if a player needs replacing the coach will use his expertise to find the best player in the game.   In World of Warcraft the guild master or raid master will look to put the best equipped player in the raid for maximum success.

So if your target isn't buying for their main toon,  then you can target the equipment that will place that secondary or tertiary toon into the fray.   Where the 100,000g equipment might be few and far between,  burning through a couple of Spirits of Harmony and Living Steel can add up to big profits as well.

Thinking outside the box and finding new avenues to sell your services can make up for the loss of the big ticket items.   Diversify your crafting portfolio and you can be on the top of the heap.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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